Re: java in the database (10gR2 & 11gR2)

From: Jeremy <>
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2011 19:38:03 -0000
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In article <4d503b1e$0$14263$>, says...
> For java code, even within the database, to call pl/sql packages, it would need to connect to
> the database. The account it uses to connect, would need to have execute rights on those
> "low-level" (???) packages.
> But why would you put java inside the database and then try to call pl/sql functions in stead of
> using a java http client??

Hi other way around - we want to call java from pl/sql - and it seemed sensible (?) to put the java in the database as well.

So our app is written in pl/sql. There are some features in an SDK written in java which will enable our pl/sql to interact with certain services accessed over the internet.

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