Re: java in the database (10gR2 & 11gR2)

From: Jeremy <>
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2011 15:25:02 -0000
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In article <3497fa16-854d-40b2-becb->, says...
> Jeremy,
> > Are there any
> > difference between 10g and 11g in this respect (as we will need to make
> > this work in both versions)?
> Part of upgrading a database to 11g ( at this point) is to
> create access control lists for the UTL packages, i.e. UTL_SMTP using
> This would not likely have affected 10g R2, but possibly it was
> backported into the patchset?
> You might want to list more detailed version info.

Thanks for that - DB in which we are evaluating "jc" is running on Windows Server 2003.

We are able to access e.g. utl_smtp and utl_http from within PL/SQL no problems there.

Question really at this stage is whether there are any explicit access rights that need to be granted in order for java code to be able to access these kinds of network functions.

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