Re: UML 2.0 for database modeling versus ER diagrams?

From: dana <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 03:46:19 -0700 (PDT)
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Thank you Robert and Matthias.

Robert, you wrote:
> IMHO UML is best used for drawing only - I suspect all tools that promise round trip engineering of code. It may
> work better with database schemata but for programming there are tons of issues partly caused by the sheer number of classes (performance, layout).

So you prefer UML "as a sketch"--or UML "as a blueprint" to hand to others who will write application code? The third option, which I think you're referring to is "executable UML." I don't think very many people are using the 3rd option (Model Driven Architecture (MDA) > Platform Independent Models (PIM) > Platform Specific Model (PSM)-- would love to hear otherwise.

What bothers me about UML for database design, though, is the lack of a formally agreed on UML profile for data modeling. UML might be the way to go for database design (would still like to hear someone defend sticking with ER diagrams), but in the absence of an approved standard, will this lead to a lot of "re-work" in the future when a UML profile for data modeling is approved by the OMG? Or will all UML tool vendors graciously provide transforms from the UML data modeling profiles in their tools to whatever standard profile gets adopted by the OMG?

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