From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 15:40:26 -0700
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Dereck L. Dietz wrote:
> Oracle
> Windows 2003 Server
> I'm trying to write a procedure where I'd be passing in the
> SQL%BULK_EXCEPTIONS collection but I'm not having any luck.
> I tried defining a record type and then a table type based on that record to
> use in my parameter list but I received an error saying the
> SQL%BULK_EXCEPTIONS parameter was of a wrong type.
> I then tried using a ref cursor (which I admit I'm not too experienced at
> using) and I received the same error.
> Does anybody know what I'd need to define or do to be able to pass the
> SQL%BULK_EXCEPTIONS collection to a procedure so I can process the error
> rows there? Or point me to something online that may have example code I
> can look at and work with to get to do what I'm trying to?
> Thanks.

Look at the demo in Morgan's Library under Array Processing. There is no need to define or pass anything. Oracle, on its own, creates the exceptions array with error code and index integer. You just need to match up the two arrays.

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