Re: Oracle on Windows vs Solaris or Linux ?

From: Tony Rogerson <>
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 07:25:39 -0000
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> Now I've got a fair amount of time for your sql server work, and I
> know that an MVP designation is not easily one. I find it hard to
> square with gratuitous and repeated name calling. Obviously the Oracle
> newsgroups might not be a place that you expect to glean a deal of
> work. I'm surpised however at this sort of public behaviour from
> someone Microsoft view as an independent helpful and professional
> representative ( Do you not have to
> be professional and reasonable in non-ms forums?

> Niall

People dish it out to me, I dish it back - that's how life works.

celko and Denial Again are very ignorant people that have little regard for people with opposing views.

As for Denial Again, I've had several private emails from him calling me a wanker amongst other things.

The point about the MVP is that I don't work for it - if MS choose to give me it then that's great, however, it does not change my belief system, it does not change how I respond to people bullies like celko and Denial Again; yes, the MVP gives me benefits but MS also gets stuff back for instance me driving the SQL Community here in the UK which is flurishing.

And finally, getting work - clients are big enough and smart enough to see the situation and context; I really don't think defending myself is going to lose me any work.

Thanks for the observations though Niall.


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