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Re: Recovery Question

From: Paul <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 09:06:40 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Thanks to everybody who has replied sensibly and tried to help. I tried to explain why backups were not used - there is no point in wasting time implementing RAID when this is merely throw away data - I just wanted to experiment and see what I could actually do instead of having to recreate the schemas and re-import the data.

There are some people who clearly believe that helping anybody properly is beneath them - I feel sorry for those people, maybe you are just having a bad day as there are 2 of you ( and I am sure you know who you are ) who I see helping people very frequently - I think you always give good advice and I believe that you have helped me in the past so I am not sure why sarcasm/pretentiousness got the better of you today.

Daniel - I cannot see how your post is an attempt to help in the slightest - if you have time to waste lecturing people on good practice, or trying to make them look stupid then please feel free - this is not how you usually respond but clearly my post annoyed you. Reading books will always help but sometimes there are things that need to be asked of people with the experience - if all they can do is criticise then I wish they would not bother as this merely impedes on the learning process.
I don't particularly want to make enemies in here, as most people are very helpful most of the time!

Anyway, if anybody ever needs to do this then this is what I have done in order to sort this out:

  1. Create a new instance with the same name as the old instance
  2. Copy all of the files from the old instance over the top of the newly created files
  3. Startup the instance in MOUNT mode
  4. Use the ALTER DATABASE... RENAME FILE command, to update the control files to point to the new locations
  5. Open the database

This worked for me, I expect only because the DB was closed at the time!

Thanks again to everyone for their information!

Paul Received on Mon Jul 23 2007 - 11:06:40 CDT

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