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Re: Recovery Question

From: kvmb <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 16:55:44 GMT
Message-ID: <k45pi.12079$>

You probably just had to
- recreate the services using oradim
- using oradim, point to an spfile or pfile that pointed to the controlfiles on f: ?
- mount the db and then do the rename datafile as you stated ...

2Gb file limit on Windows ... that's a good one ;-)

"Paul" <> wrote in message
> Thanks to everybody who has replied sensibly and tried to help.
> I tried to explain why backups were not used - there is no point in
> wasting time implementing RAID when this is merely throw away data - I
> just wanted to experiment and see what I could actually do instead of
> having to recreate the schemas and re-import the data.
> There are some people who clearly believe that helping anybody
> properly is beneath them - I feel sorry for those people, maybe you
> are just having a bad day as there are 2 of you ( and I am sure you
> know who you are ) who I see helping people very frequently - I think
> you always give good advice and I believe that you have helped me in
> the past so I am not sure why sarcasm/pretentiousness got the better
> of you today.
> Daniel - I cannot see how your post is an attempt to help in the
> slightest - if you have time to waste lecturing people on good
> practice, or trying to make them look stupid then please feel free -
> this is not how you usually respond but clearly my post annoyed you.
> Reading books will always help but sometimes there are things that
> need to be asked of people with the experience - if all they can do is
> criticise then I wish they would not bother as this merely impedes on
> the learning process.
> I don't particularly want to make enemies in here, as most people are
> very helpful most of the time!
> Anyway, if anybody ever needs to do this then this is what I have done
> in order to sort this out:
> 1) Create a new instance with the same name as the old instance
> 2) Copy all of the files from the old instance over the top of the
> newly created files
> 3) Startup the instance in MOUNT mode
> 4) Use the ALTER DATABASE... RENAME FILE command, to update the
> control files to point to the new locations
> 5) Open the database
> This worked for me, I expect only because the DB was closed at the
> time!
> Thanks again to everyone for their information!
> Paul
Received on Mon Jul 23 2007 - 11:55:44 CDT

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