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Re: Syrnad admits he is a moron

From: <>
Date: 28 Apr 2007 14:32:06 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Comments embedded.
On Apr 27, 11:25 am, wrote:
> On Apr 27, 12:35 am, Geoff Muldoon <>
> wrote:
> > Mladen Gogala says...
> > > On Wed, 25 Apr 2007 15:39:31 -0700, dbaplusplus wrote:
> > > > Those peolpe who support a bully who is a racist need help.
> > > And you're a doctor now? Not only a "dba plus plus", but also a
> > > doctor? Admirable. You managed to start a flame war with two
> > > experienced DBA guys in a very short period of time. May be
> > > you should join the Teraknowledge team? Omlet sounds like the
> > > right career move for you.
> > You sure Omlet hasn't just nym-shifted?
> > GM
> I have nothing to do with Omlet even though some bad guys here will
> try thier best to mislead.

Using humour to defuse anger is, apparently, a concept with which you're totally unware. It is nowhere near libel, which you've accused your 'bad guys' of practicing. Simply because you're irritating to those who do know Oracle doesn't make those who are irriated 'bad guys'. It does make you annoying, however.

> I am a person who loves Oracle. I want to use this forum to discuss
> Oacle topics without being harassed
> by bullies who constantly insult others and make racial remarks as
> well (just search in this group how many racist remarks and insults
> have been made by Sybrand),

Do us all, and especially yourself, a favour and actually LEARN the product by reading the documentation, instead of asking questions easily answered by a quick lookup at only because you do not possess the desire to actually do your own work, but to have others do your legwork for you. When you finally learn the product you may then, and only then, 'discuss Oacle topics' [direct quote]. As it stands at the moment you're not discussing anything; you're only asking for handouts.

> As I said in previous thread I used to have high opinion of Mladen
> Gogala and others,

That the responses to your repeated bleating and moaning don't measure up to your expectations is absolutely no reason to change your opinion of those you once held in high esteem, as it is the depth and breadth of their knowledge, and the fact they do not possess unlimited patience for beggars, which causes them to respond in such a manner. Your 'interrogatories', to gild the lilly, are nothing more than whining testaments to your unwillingness to help yourself. "Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he'll eat for a lifetime." You're doing nothing more than searching for yet another soul who will give you a daily fish, even though we have tried (unsuccessfully) to teach you how to fish. Stop standing on the pier begging others for part of their catch, as most are wise to your ways and know you have little, if anything, to contribute in return.

> However, I am finding more bad guys.

Sorry, no, your perception is distorted. You're alienating more people, thus placing them, by your uninformed opinion, in your 'bad guy' bin.

> I am
> spreading word to my friends other newgroups and whoemever I can to
> avoid these bad guys and do not buy any books which they may be
> writing. Internet is a powerful tool to spread such message quickly.

The internet is also a powerful tool by which misinformation is spread, and you're contributing greatly to this stampede of ignorance. You feel slighted because someone told you a truth about yourself you didn't want to hear; you respond by name-calling and posting a one-sided viewpoint (although your side is by no means completely constructed) in hopes that others will believe you, and not the truth. Remember that the internet is also a place where halftruths  and untruths come to their final resting place; expect to find your diatribes enshrined forever in that cemetary.

> In tis group, people should be able to dicuss oracle topics without
> being constantly harsssed by bullies.

People can, and do, with surprising regularity. You're not discussing anything; one needs prior knowledge of a topic to consider joining a discussion, something which you lack as evidenced by your repeated attempts to coerce information you need from those you see as 'willing marks' or 'easy prey'. Were you to spend half of the energy you've dedicated to fueling this flame war with Sybrand Bakker to actually reading the documentation and asking clarifying questions which prove you *have* read the material and are having difficulty grasping certain concepts you would have answered all of your own questions by now. Instead you expend untold effort bitching and moaning over accurate assessments of your behaviour, assessments which you delude yourself into believing are false. Look into the mirror, with an unjaundiced eye, and give yourself an unvarnished evaluation. Or, better yet, ask someone you trust to give you such an assessment. Sometimes the truth hurts; accepting the truth is the first step toward self-improvement. And don't respond to this with yet another senseless diatribe of how you're presenting the truth and we're too blind to see it. Too many of us have a similar opinion of you to be wrong in our evaluation. The truth lies in our responses; you'd be wise to learn from them, rather than berate them for containing information you'd rather not know about yourself.

David Fitzjarrell Received on Sat Apr 28 2007 - 16:32:06 CDT

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