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Re: Thank you

From: Glen A Stromquist <>
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 15:43:52 GMT
Message-ID: <YMd_e.277668$HI.14887@edtnps84>

Joel Garry wrote:
> hpuxrac wrote:

>>Sybrand Bakker wrote:
>>>On Fri, 23 Sep 2005 22:48:40 -0700, "Jim Kennedy"
>>><> wrote:
>>>>"DA Morgan" <> wrote in message
>>>>>To everyone from the c.d.o. groups that came by and introduced
>>>>>themselves at OpenWorld. It was great to meet you.
>>>>>A special thanks to Mark Townsend for hosting dinner and drinks
>>>>>for those who responded to his invitation. It was great to meet
>>>>>One day and I am off to Hawaii for a long awaited vacation ...
>>>>>5 days with the US Army.  ;-)
>>>>>Daniel A. Morgan
>>>>>(replace x with u to respond)
>>>>It was a lot of fun and we didn't break the number 1 rule of conventions.
>>>>(remember the time, don't be memorable.<grin>)
>>>Thank you both for pointing out this isn't a worldwide forum.
>>>Sybrand Bakker, Senior Oracle DBA
>>Mr. Bakker, what are you talking about?
>>Oracle Open World is an event that is sponsored by Oracle Corporation.
>>If you pay to attend it, everyone can attend.
>>There were many participants from Latin America, Europe, Africa, and
>>the Far East, Australia, everywhere.
>>The cdos forum is also worldwide.

> Actually, the hosted event in question was a cdos gathering, at least
> one person present was not an OOW participant. Any meatworld event
> having to do with a worldwide forum is likely to discriminate against
> those who are geographically undesireable. Anyone can call for a cdos
> event anywhere they want, although it is unlikely that too many will
> show up unless there is some other event to attract out-of-area
> attendees (or maybe near a LUG...).
> That was a tasty banana-strawberry margarita, I must say. Thanks Mark!
> Not so sure if I'll be going to Vegas for the next OOW, I was a bit
> hungry for more meatier sessions. There was at least one session in
> every time slot that I wanted to go to, most were good, but only a
> couple were the intense "whoa, I'll need to go back to the cd to cram
> all this stuff into my head" that I crave at this point. I got the
> impression that the Peoplesoft people were really upset at a lot of
> things, including how they had so many schedule changes. Non-apps
> people were a very small minority and kinda got lost in the shuffle.
> To be clear, I think it was worth the money. Dana Carvey and Berlin,
> gravy!
> Also, nearly all the relatives I had in Vegas have moved elsewhere, so
> if I have to get a hotel, I might as well go to hotsos. Been to Vegas
> a bazillion times, used to have a condo there when my parents lived
> there.
> jg

The next OOW is at Vegas? I overheard someone say that it was going to continue to be at SF until the city more or less kicked them out. I was the "see you next year" sign somewhere and say the October dates, but didn't pay attention to the location.

I caught as many sessions as possible, some were good, but some were snoozers and had little to do with how they were described. I think all but a few people I met at various events were x-peoplesoft, sure was a lot of them in any case..

Agree 100% about Dana Carvey and Berlin, I was hoping DC would be on the DVD with all the keynotes I get with my info overload package, but I somehow doubt he will be. That was the only keynote other than Larry's I sat all the way through, I thought Larry's was ok, and I was rather impressed with him taking random questions from an audience of 13,000 (does he always do this?) Berlin was the definite highlite of all the after hour events for sure! Terri Nunn is quite the provocative performer I must say! (I have some good digital pic's of the performance if anyones interested...)

All in all I found my first OOW a pretty good event, and will probably go again, but I'm not sure if I'll make it a yearly or bi-annual event at this point. Received on Tue Sep 27 2005 - 10:43:52 CDT

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