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Re: Shared Pool: Can it be filled *over* 100% ?

From: David Fitzjarrell <>
Date: 15 Aug 2004 20:20:15 -0700
Message-ID: <>

"omlet" <> wrote in message news:<>...
> Thank you David for point this out! We use omlet$ views so as you control
> the level of access you give to OMLET account. To access x$ you would need
> some privilages other than select any and create session.
> I do not know where you got the idea tha OMLET uses no SQL! We simply
> converted the SQL code to java raw code.
> Which version did you trash? the "jar" or the "native"? You do not how
> sorry I feel about this.
> All the visual flows on the main display show the wait stats: simply right
> click on them!
> We feel very sorry such a telented person like you have opted to misdemean
> our product(s). We will try our best to have all parties involved in this
> non-sense from our part to apologize and make sure we will take all the
> required steps to correct all the problems you talked about among many
> others. Heartful apologies to you and other distingueshed posters.
> Mattab Khan
> President
> Tera Knowledge Systems, Inc.

Two items of note mark this as another lie by you, Amjad Daoud. The first is the account used to post this message. The second is the continued abuse and harassment you deliver with every post to this newsgroup, save this one.

Of course, if there IS a Mattab Khan, who is President of Tera Knowledge Systems, Inc., why haven't you FIRED Amjad Daoud for his libelous, juvenile and inflammatory statements posted here?

I wait, with bated breath, your reply.

David Fitzjarrell Received on Sun Aug 15 2004 - 22:20:15 CDT

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