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Re: Data Guard 9ir2 - Data Guard Manager hangs on preparing primary database

From: Rick van Ek <>
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 12:01:53 +0100
Message-ID: <40504727$0$161$>

Seen simular things with wizard.
Here some hints:
- Try refresh your nodes from the OEM, it should be runnig and detecting your databases without problems.
- If you use database files larger then 2 GB then install new Perl version on all nodes in identical path.
- Have you installed the two patches ??

        P2670975_920 and P2671349_920
- if oracle version is smaller then 9.2. install the streamer patch, or update to
- is tnsping running properly to port 1748?? - if you uses multiple NIC's make sure you are communicating on the right nic dbsnmp.hostname= --.--.--.-- in network/admin/

Hope this helps
Cheers RvE

"Tinou Bao" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I have a primary database that I have
> enabled forced logging
> enabled archiving and defined local archiving destination (archivelog
> mode)
> I start the data guard manager wizard....after entering in all
> required information the wizard kicks off and tells me it's preparing
> primary database...verifying primary database...
> then it just sits there for hours...
> in /opt/oracle/oradata/orcl1 (sid of primary is orcl1)
> I see that the control files and the redo logs files are being touched
> (timestamp changes)...
> but after hours the wizard is still on the same step. Is it stuck? Or
> do I need to give it more time?
> I was able to actually run through the wizard using a logical standby
> but then there were some other errors. I prefer to get the physical
> standby working.
> I'm creating the physical standby on the same server. I know this is
> not recommended, could this be the issue?
> Any input is much appreciated. Thanks.

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