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Re: Buffer cache statistics (ratios) and CBO SQL optimization?

From: Noons <>
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 04:31:23 +1100
Message-ID: <40003693$0$25562$>

"Geomancer" <> wrote in message

> Everyone has a right to know when their reputations are defamed or
> when they are accused of illegal practices.

REALLY? Does that work in ALL directions? Or just your preferred one?

> Can you guess how Embarcadero reacted when someone claiming to be an
> Oracle expert published in this NG that the work of their Senior Vice
> President is "trash. Burn it if you have it.", and called their
> multi-million dollar product a "Complete piece of garbage"?

No, I don't guess. But if "they" had the slightest reaction "they" are a bunch of stupid asses with no idea whatsoever of what the Usenet is and how people use it. then again, I doubt you can speak for them. And "multi-million dollar" is only a quality certificate in your imagination.

> Since you are all non-anon, a quick Google search reveals that Ryan
> Gaffuri is a junior staff consultant of Bloodworth Integrated
> Technology in Reston Virginia. If I wanted, I could spend $25 at
>, and get Ryan's home address, complete criminal and
> civil court record, and a complete employment history.

You're sick... No, a google search does NOT reveal that. YOU have chased that up. Don't give me the bullshit about your "google searches"!

> By the way, Ryan Gaffuri has a total of less than three years of
> experience with Oracle!

I don't recall Ryan claiming anything other than being a beginner. That's fine by me and I'd guess just about anyone else. And I know a lot of people with a lot more than 3 years Oracle experience who contribute here a LOT less and lesser quality...

> The crap about Dave Moore's book being "almost a copy and paste"
> accused Moore (and his employer, BMC software) of the theft of
> intellectual property. BMC is a multi-billion dollar company and
> since he is their Chief Architect, both he and BMC have a right to
> know when Ryan Gaffuri's publishes allegations of illegal activity.

And you obliged by sending it to them, no? BTW, drop the "multi-million" this, "multi-billion" that crap: you're talking to an INTERNATIONAL group of adult professionals here. Not a bunch of easily impressible groupies. It's in bad taste to say the least. And it means exactly squat in terms of ANY technical credibility. Got it?

> Regarding anonymity:
> **** My company policies prohibit any employee from divulging their
> real name on any work-related forum, and for good reason, IMHO.

Bullshit! No company whatsoever does that for a "work-related" forum.

> **** Since Ryan Gaffuri posted his false accusations as
> non-anonymous, BMC and Embarcadero can now sue Ryan Gaffuri and BIT.

I doubt it. But your point is?...

> **** This NG records the IP address and time of each post. If the
> post was done during work hours then the employer is fully responsible
> for the actions of their employee.

Bullshit! So, now the "work-related" forum is no more?

> **** Anything posted here is "published" and subject to libel law.
> This NG is archived way back to the early 1990's.

I do recall you not having any such scruples or qualms when the "libel" target was another frequent contributor of this group... BTW, which lawyer books have you been reading? :D

> No thanks, I'll stay anon, thank you.

That tells us all very clearly what your real motivations and intentions are.
And BTW: worst case of paranoia in quite a while...

Nuno Souto
Received on Sat Jan 10 2004 - 11:31:23 CST

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