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Re: Help insert with a select using a DB Link - ORA-03106: fatal two-task communication protocol error

From: Rauf Sarwar <>
Date: 20 Jul 2002 16:11:52 -0700
Message-ID: <>

> I agree this is not the ideal situation. Unfortunalty this is a
> governement project so sanity does not apply.
> We cannot get access to the source server (server A) for political
> reasons.
> Another group created the views of server A on Server B. The people
> at A know that we use them but for some reason will not give us direct
> access.
> For politcal reasons we cannot directly access Server B from our
> unsecure facility. We set up a server (server C) in a secure
> environment and created views based on the views of server B.
> Now, from our server D in the unsecured office we can link to server
> C. C links to B and B to A.
> Everyone knows whats going on. No one is being decieved. This is the
> kind of shit I have to put up with. I'll never understand how the
> government works but I know technical people are not allowed input in
> these decision. The decision are made by some of the stupidest people
> I have ever meet.
> I am still trying to make this work. Can u offer any help?

I understand your frustration with this scenario. I am currently involved with a project where the IT policy in place says..."No dblinks between distributed databases", even though everything is sitting inside the firewall. One of the requirements in the project is to collect information from 8 different databases. We are pushing for a change in IT policy to accomodate business requirement but it looks like we have to resort to some other solution.

One of the solutions we are working on is using Informatica and IBM Websphere (MQ Series) to transfer data from other databases. Good thing is that customer already has IBM Websphere in place so it would not be a major task. However, looks like you are stuck with trying to make this work as it is since government policies in these kind of scenarios are *very hard* to change.

Have you checked the NLS_LANG parameter and any mismatch between your client and server D thru A? This is reported (in Metalink) to be one of the more common problems associated with ORA_03106.

//Rauf Sarwar Received on Sat Jul 20 2002 - 18:11:52 CDT

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