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Re: Oracle packaging with other application

From: Howard J. Rogers <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 06:33:19 +1000
Message-ID: <ah4k9b$8ub$>

Not quite the same issue, Daniel, I think.

From memory, each of the three Oracle installation CDs comes with just one or two massive staging files, with everything tucked inside them. I think our original poster wants a way of removing things like all the sample databases (as an example) *before* installing Oracle, so that only 1 (or 2) Oracle installation CDs need to be shipped with her product.

As far as I know, there's no way to achieve such a thing. The installation even of a minimum system still asks for all three CDs (albeit, number 2 is in the drive for less time than it takes me to sip some tea), and I know of no way of 'unpacking' the supplied installation media, and then re-packing it in your own, cut-down, distribution. Even if it could be done, it all sounds rather illegal to me.

I think Cathy just has to grin and bear it, and ship 3 Oracle CDs. Put up her own product price to cover for the inconvenience, I guess!

HJR "Daniel Morgan" <> wrote in message
> Cathy wrote:
> > Our company develop applicaiton software and we ship our application
> > with Oracle databaser server together.
> >
> > With the upgrading of Oracle from 7 to 9i, Oracle grows dramatically.
> > As I know Oracle 9i for sun solaris has 3 CDs and minimum installation
> > through Oracle installer would more than 2G. But the only components
> > we need is just Oracle database. We do not need those java, xml or
> > other fancy stuff.
> >
> > So it is getting more difficult for us to packaging Oracle database
> > server with our application because of Oracle's huge size.
> >
> > I would like to know does anybody have the same situation and how do
> > you resolve the issue?
> >
> > Any comment would be appreciated.
> >
> > Cathy
> First of all, you could install Oracle with the "MINIMUM" setting rather
> than the full content of all 3 CDs. If you don't need the Apache web
> server don't install it. If you don't need the myriad files in directories
> with names like "SAMPLE", "DEMO", "DOCS" either don't install or remove.
> 9i can pretty easily be taken down to the 1GB level. Less if you invest
> some effort.
> Daniel Morgan
Received on Wed Jul 17 2002 - 15:33:19 CDT

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