Re: How do I install 10g and import .DMP file

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Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 16:45:19 -0800 (PST)
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> the 18 discs were sent by the software distro group from out of state. I have everything from the client to the e-bussiness
> server including one DVD and 17 CD's. Im not sure which one to start with since as I have claimed I am a beginer at the
> oracle idea. I have gotten a response by to my personal email that was semi negitive... But then again I never stated I
> was even at the intermediate level. Just curoius, to thoes who are DBA's, did you start somewhere also? Didnt you look
> up resources? This is where I decided to start. As stated before, any help just to install it would help, I am in now way
> trying to manage it just to get it up and running is my main concern right now.

I first encountered Oracle 25 years ago. It was part of a project evaluating several development and packaged business apps. The project leader was amazed at how fast I got it going, but really that was because I had worked on other relational databases, taken classes,
and things were just generally simpler then, though we had to deal with a different set of limitations.

I've worked with a number of modern (and sometimes that means creaky) ERP and MRP systems, and been in your exact situation. I know I could
get through it, but it would probably be painful the first time. That's why you do it in a testing environment first, and with full management understanding of where you are on the curve. The difference is, at least I understand the Oracle part of it, and am pretty good and figuring out when to believe and when not to believe the docs of the other stuff. What I am hearing in your post is you are way over your head. You could probably stumble through the db part of the install without too much drama, especially if you are on Windows, but I'm with Dan et al, beyond that you will get messed up.

But hey, follow the install docs exactly, and try to get Oracle Support to hold your hand, maybe you'll do it. I know I've gotten plenty of work fixing the results of that, no sarcasm intended.

You do need to understand the technology stack you are using - the db,
the app server, the app, how they communicate and interact.

Here's some info that might help (although it is specific for a nearby
group, which is focused on the db server): In particular, has some targeted docs beyond the doc set on

Apps and e-business information is elsewhere.


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