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Re: RMAN Log Analyzer

From: <>
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 04:59:55 -0000
Message-ID: <>

On 11 syys, 19:48, "" <> wrote:
> On Sep 11, 7:19 am, wrote:
> > > Please refer to v$backupset (non catalogued backups) and rc_backupset
> > > (catalogued backups).
> > > A few sql scripts would suffice.
> > > --
> > > Sybrand Bakker
> > > Senior Oracle DBA
> > Well the annoying thing is that I can access the database.
> Why is database access annoying? Or did you mean you CAN'T access the
> database? In that case, yes, it would be rather inconvenient when
> trying to extract data.

Yes of course I ment "I can't". It's just another typo. It's good that some smartguy already managed to comment on it. He mostlikely points with his finger and laughts, when he see disabled people.

> > I run a
> > Backup on an another system. The Oracle uses my Filebackup system, my
> > file server and my tape devices. Problem is that the Oracle backup has
> > started to mess my Filebackup because the backup time has extended too
> > much.
> And what do you expect the DBA to do? Reschedule the database
> backups? Why can't you reschedule your backups to avoid conflict?

If it's possible to resync the whole backup consept, then yeah I'd expect them to reschedule the RMAN.

> > Also it has started to fill my disk space.
> Request additional space, disk is cheap. And I'm certain management
> won't want to lose any of the backups, database or otherwise, due to
> available space.

It doesn't really matter if it is cheap or expencive. What matters it's not in budget.

> > Now I want to prove
> > in statistically that the Oracle people need to do something, or I
> > need to get better Backup System. When I show up with the data, they
> > can't ignore me anymore.
> You have sufficient data to show your current backup system is either
> good or bad for this enterprise, without slogging through the
> database, if that's what you're trying to prove. If you're trying to
> prove the Oracle people are at fault because of the volume of data the
> enterprise processes on a daily/weekly/monthly basis I think you need
> another activity.
> David Fitzjarrell

Only fault the Oracle ppl have is, that they wont provide me with the info I want.
There is always way to prove I am right. I just let it screw my backups and wait something to go wrong.

So what I am looking here is that you guys don't know way to analyze the logifiles. Received on Tue Sep 11 2007 - 23:59:55 CDT

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