Oracle 9iAS Portal Bible

This is your complete reference to Oracle Portal -- the next generation release of Oracle WebDB, which provides a secure and manageable framework for delivering access to distributed software services and information resources.

Oracle9iAS Portal Bible shows you how to use Oracle Portal to build and deploy enterprise portals. Tthis book is for experienced Oracle users, developers, and database administrators looking for a more efficient means for delivering data to employees and customers over a web-based network. The book includes a complete and in-depth exploration of the various components of Oracle Portal and also shows you how to use the SiteBuilder component of Oracle Portal to create and manage Web sites. You'l learn how to create and deploy portlets and understand how to use the portlet API to extend the functionality of their components. Other topics covered in the book are integrating Oracle Portal's functions with those of legacy applications; administering completed web applications using built-in management and performance monitoring functions; and creating, integrating, and customizing portlets. Plus, Oracle9iAS Portal Bible includes a CD with all source code from the book as well as a complete sample Oracle database.

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