ODP.NET Developer's Guide: Oracle Database 10g Development with Visual Studio 2005 and the Oracle Data Provider for .NET: A

This is a practical guide for developers working with the Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET) using VB.NET. From introducing ODP.NET and programming with ODP.NET to application development using ODP.NET and on to discussing Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2005, this book covers the important aspects of ODP.NET.

The Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET) features optimized data access to the Oracle database from a .NET environment and allows developers to take advantage of advanced Oracle database functionality, including Real Application Clusters, XML DB, and advanced security. It can be used from any .NET language, including C# and VB.NET.

This book is a practical guide that will give you the in-depth information you need to work with the Oracle 10g v10.2 database from Visual Studio .NET 2005, using the Oracle Developer Tools and ODP.NET.

After introducing ODP.NET, we move on to dealing with SQL, PL/SQL, and XML DB using ODP.NET. Next we look at application development with ODP.NET: Web Applications, Web Services, and Mobile Applications. The last chapter covers Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET. All the code examples are in Visual Basic.NET 2005.

  • Application development with ODP.NET
  • Dealing with XML DB using ODP.NET
  • Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET

This book uses many hands-on examples to show you how to use ODP.NET and Oracle Developer Tools from within Visual Studio 2005 to access Oracle Database 10g.

The book is written for professional .NET developers who need to work with and take full advantage of Oracle Database 10g using Visual Studio 2005. Developers are expected to be familiar with Visual Basic.NET 2005 and have minimum knowledge of Oracle SQL and PL/SQL.

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