SAP Database Administration with Oracle

This book provides administrators with essential information on Oracle databases as well as their interaction with SAP systems. First, you'll learn how best to plan or extend an effective, secure system landscape. The authors show you how to analyze and optimize the performance of hardware, operating system, database, and SAP system as well as which parameters and tools you can use to monitor them. An entire chapter deals with the critical aspects of backup, recovery, and restore, describing different data backup concepts, BR*Tools, the Oracle Recovery Manager, and various backup strategies in detail. In addition, the authors tackle advanced topics, such as Java and SAP NetWeaver BI. By bridging the gap between basic background knowledge and real-life instruction, this book assists you in solving concrete administration problems, structuring the operation of your system to achieve higher performance, and improving data security and availability. Highlights Interaction between SAP and Oracle Planning and Extending the System Landscape System Lifecycle: Installation, System Maintenance, Upgrades Performance: Analysis of Hardware, Operating System, Database, SAP System, SQL Statements, and much more Backup, Recovery, and Restore: Data Backup Concepts, BR*Tools, Oracle Recovery Manager, Backup Strategies Oracle and SAP NetWeaver BI Includes a detailed quick-reference card with all of the most important transaction codes

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