Database Performance Tuning and Optimization

Examples abound in database applications of well-formulated queries running slowly, even if all levels of the database are properly tuned. It is essential to address each level separately by focusing first on underlying principles and root causes, and only then proposing both theoretical and practical solutions. "Database Performance Tuning and Optimization" comprehensively addresses each level separately by focusing first on underlying principles and root causes, and then proposes both theoretical and practical solutions using Oracle 8i examples as the RDBMS. The book combines theory with practical tools (in the form of Oracle and UNIX shell scripts) to address the tuning and optimization issues of DBAs and developers, irrespective of whether they use Oracle. Topics and features: * An integrated approach to tuning by improving all three levels of a database (conceptual, internal, and external) for optimal performance * Balances theory with practice, developing underlying principles and then applying them to other RDBMSs, not just Oracle * Includes CD-ROM containing all scripts and methods utilized in the book * Coverage of data warehouses provides readers much needed principles and tools for tuning large reporting databases * Coverage of web-based databases * Appendix B shows how to create an instance and its associated database and all its objects * Provides useful exercises, references, and Oracle 8i and select 9i examples Based on nearly two decades of experience as an Oracle developer and DBA, the author delivers comprehensive coverage of the fundamental principles and methodologies of tuning and optimizing database performance. Database professionals and practitioners with some experience developing, implementing, and maintaining relational databases will find the work an essential resource. It is also suitable for professional short courses and self-study purposes.

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