Oracle Nt Handbook

The authors of Oracle NT Handbook explain Oracle8 under Windows NT to administrators who are familiar with Oracle under Unix. Here, administrators interested in deploying Oracle software on Windows NT machines learn how to set up and run all relevant hardware and software.

Adkoli and Velpuri start out with an overview of Windows NT Server 4, detailing its capabilities and the hardware required to run it before walking the reader through the installation process. While this information can be had from scores of other sources, the Windows NT chapters in Oracle NT Handbook include an Oracle8 focus that's not part of most Windows NT books--for example, you find out which Oracle features require which Windows NT options. Thorough coverage of Oracle8 installation follows the Windows NT configuration information, including sections on all cartridges and Oracle Parallel Server.

Once they have you set up properly, the authors explain how to administer Oracle8 under Windows NT, using both its graphical and command-line interfaces. Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) receives detailed attention--you'll find instructions for pretty much every system-management task you can accomplish with this graphical tool. Plus, the authors go into detail on upgrading and migrating under Windows NT. The result is a book that's excellent for Oracle experts new to Windows NT and above average for those new to Oracle entirely. --David Wall

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