Oracle Jdeveloper

Oracle's JDeveloper is designed as an easy-to-use visual development environment, and Oracle JDeveloper delivers an unassuming, thorough introduction to this key development product. The book introduces the JDeveloper environment and then leads you through the steps necessary to master using JDeveloper to build and deploy database applications.

The first five chapters explain the integrated development environment, object-oriented programming, and the use of the product's Layout Managers to build a user interface. The format of this content progresses from explanatory text into more task-oriented demonstrations, precisely outlined in numbered steps.

After laying a solid foundation, the authors introduce you to Java applet and database development. The text covers the use of JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) for database connections and details how to build database applications using the intuitive Data Form Wizard. The book also discusses advanced database programming and contains three informative chapters on JavaBean programming.

The authors include two appendices that provide a detailed reference of the Java language. Although the book doesn't come with a CD-ROM, all of its sample code can be downloaded from the Web. --Stephen Plain

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