Oracle RMAN Backup & Recovery Interview Questions: Oracle RMAN Certification Review

The Comprehensive Guide for Oracle Backup & Recovery Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations! It's clear that Oracle backup & recovery is an important skillset, but finding relevant resources can be difficult. Oracle RMAN Backup & Recovery Interview Questions will guide you through your learning process. From helping to assess the skills you will need on a project to screening a new hire, Oracle RMAN Backup & Recovery Interview Questions will put you on the path to understanding what you really need to know. The book is organized around three areas of Oracle RMAN: Installation, Troubleshooting, and Production Support. Each question includes everything you need to know to master the interview or properly evaluate a candidate. More than just a rehash of Oracle documentation and sales presentations, each question is based on project knowledge and experience gained on successful high-profile Oracle installations. Key interview topics include: . Hot Backups, Cold Backups, and Incremental backups . Catalog Databases, Failed Databases, Problem Databases . Backup Security, Automation, and Audit. . The most important RMAN settings to know . Common RMAN Implementation Scenarios . Certification Examination Questions

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