Re: Windows Client Install Crashes

From: Michael J Pecoraro <>
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2020 13:50:37 -0400
Message-ID: <>

Did your colleague check the file digest (sha1/sha256) after download?  I once encountered the same behavior.  The downloaded file was corrupt.  After re-downloading the file and confirming the digest, the install ran successfully.


On 7/22/20 1:15 PM, MacGregor, Ian A. (Redacted sender ian for DMARC) wrote:
> A colleague is trying to install. the Win32 12201  client on a Windows
> 10 box.  The install is crashing immediately.  The only thing we can
> find in regard to this problem is to make sure the install is done as
> an administrator.  This is how the install is being done.   My
> colleague has been successful installing on prior Windows versions.
> The crash happens before any files are written.  This particular
> client  is necessary to support a third party application per the vendor.
> I also couldn't figure out how to open an SR on a  client.  Nothing
> Ityped into the product filtering box worked.
> Has anyone been able to install this particular client on Windows 10.
>  How did you get around the  error
> Ian MacGregor


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