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What does SMB stand for in this context?

SMB = SQL Management Base, Server Message Block; Same Microsoft Build; or Simulated Moving Bed

The preceding are potential meanings found for this abbreviation via search, and since SQL Management Base is out of the official Oracle documentation it would seem to be the most appropriate use of the abbreviation on this list.

My point, posts should not use abbreviations unless the abbreviation is out of the official documentation for the mailing list/forum subject matter since such abbreviations are unlikely to be correctly recognized no matter how obvious the author thinks the usage is.

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> For all intents and purposes,
> Postgres is a toy.

Well, since I haved saved 3 clients over $250000 in 5 years by moving from Oracle to Postgres it is an exceptionally high quality toy!

Postgres is better than Oracle in the SMB market. Much better. The only disadvantage is that I spend about 20% more time monitoring, se tuning and maintaining the Postgres databases. Roughly $200-300/month extra from the client perspective. Licence cost=0

Even using EnterpriseDB saves an immense amount of money in the SMB market.

I would not recommend Postgres for large (> 2TB) databases or for large corporations.


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