RE: Oracle DBA to PostGreSQL DBA?

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            No you are not being paranoid. There is more of my career behind me than in front of me. I started off as a DEC Basic programmer (Dec/Vax Basic has no relationship to MS Basic). I moved on to become a Sys Admin for RSTS, VMS (Vax and Alpha), Windows servers, the DEC Unix flavors, HP UX, Solaris, and then I was turned into a DBA. The database is just another O/S to me. I took a job as an Application DBA. This is where I think the profession is headed. Databases don’t need the amount of care that they once did. Application code is not being produced to the old quality standards. Knowing how to tune sql will always be needed.

            My masters is in system engineering. Learn how things work and changing O/Ss or DBs is just a matter of learning a new syntax.

My $.02 (I miss the cents sign)


Liz Reen
Long suffering DBA

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Mohammed it's funny that you mention that because I was seriously thinking that myself the other day. Is my career as an Oracle DBA in a few years going to be comparable to that of the COBOL programmers?

For me I got started very early as an Oracle DBA (21 years old) but I still have a way to go on retirement. Makes me wonder what other areas of IT I need to branch out into and skill sets I need to add.

Perhaps I'm just being paranoid. :)


On Fri, Dec 16, 2016 at 10:48 AM, Mohammed Bhatti <<>> wrote: Are we really getting that old? Begs the question, have we become the COBOL programmers of the 21st century???



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That's a good point. I think that once there are no more premises databases, I will hit the retirement finish line anyway.


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All - I just saw an article stating that most companies are migrating to the cloud, so using the databases easily available and supported by the cloud company.

Dennis Williams

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