RE: Oracle DBA to PostGreSQL DBA?

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Two random additions to the latest entry on the thread, not related particularly to Mladen's contribution, just the end of the thread at the moment:  

  1. The most significant value attribute of a DBA who has worked for the same company for a long time is often institutional memory and awareness of the particular value of some data and process completion deadlines and how they fit together with how the company makes money. Technical competence in the incumbent technology is a baseline in this role, but the person who understands the business and how IT fits into the success of the business is unlikely (or at least less likely) to be the person who finds their job relegated to an offshore technical expert or the perception that automation can do it all.
  2. I took off my resume that I used to teach college level courses in COBOL a few years ago, not because it is irrelevant and long ago, but rather because I was starting to get phone calls and I really did not want to get distracted from keeping up with Oracle technology.

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On 12/16/2016 02:19 PM, Hans Forbrich wrote:

I disagree. It *moves* most IT roles to the cloud provider, where there are still opportunities.

It eliminates the roles only in the cloud customer.

Frequently not even there, because the customer will still retain DBA, if they do development. Not everybody runs COTS applications. Regards  


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