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From: Biju Thomas <>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2014 11:15:05 -0600
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Happy Friday!

I am trying to understand how flash storage is used in the Oracle database industry, what is the trend in moving towards more flash or all flash. (I am not an expert, so my assumptions and understanding of various products may be wrong). We currently use hybrid array for Oracle database, also no engineered systems (yet :-( ) .

I know Oracle is moving/encouraging to go flash direction with some level of flash storage in engineered system and ZFS storage. Also, comes the new FS1 arrays... EMC has hybrid solutions like VMAX and extreme solutions like xtremeio. Other major storage vendors have similar products as well. Then we have another layer (if my understanding is correct) of flash solutions from Pure, Nimble, Violin, etc.

In the Oracle database world, if you are not using Oracle Engineered Systems or Super Cluster, how much of a flash adoption you have? Do you go with hybrid storage solutions from big players like EMC / Netapp, or use all flash storage? What is the industry trend?

If you are using all flash storage, what things did you consider to make the choice?

Thanks a bunch!

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