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From: Timur Akhmadeev <>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2014 21:12:37 +0300
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I think is a good starting point in this area

On Friday, December 12, 2014, Biju Thomas <> wrote:

> Happy Friday!
> I am trying to understand how flash storage is used in the Oracle database
> industry, what is the trend in moving towards more flash or all flash. (I
> am not an expert, so my assumptions and understanding of various products
> may be wrong). We currently use hybrid array for Oracle database, also no
> engineered systems (yet :-( ) .
> I know Oracle is moving/encouraging to go flash direction with some level
> of flash storage in engineered system and ZFS storage. Also, comes the new
> FS1 arrays... EMC has hybrid solutions like VMAX and extreme solutions like
> xtremeio. Other major storage vendors have similar products as well. Then
> we have another layer (if my understanding is correct) of flash solutions
> from Pure, Nimble, Violin, etc.
> In the Oracle database world, if you are not using Oracle Engineered
> Systems or Super Cluster, how much of a flash adoption you have? Do you go
> with hybrid storage solutions from big players like EMC / Netapp, or use
> all flash storage? What is the industry trend?
> If you are using all flash storage, what things did you consider to make
> the choice?
> Thanks a bunch!
> Biju Thomas
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Timur Akhmadeev

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