RE: RAC upgrade from RedHat v5 to v6

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Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2012 12:42:01 +0100
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But does a reinstall really means that you would wipe your entire server? I'm no linux admin, but I thought that if you had separate filesystems for the OS (/ , /boot,..) and for Oracle (/u00, /u01,...) the content of the latter ones could be preserved during a reinstall. Separate from a relink you would possibly also need to recreate some additional directories and symbolic links and change the contents of /etc/inittab and so on.

Another possible scenario would be to perform a dropnode procedure, then reinstall the server, followed by an addnode procedure. This way a rolling upgrade is certainly possible.


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To List:   Has anyone done a Redhat v5 to v6 upgrade on an a RAC cluster? Our UNIX admin tells me that the upgrade is a re-install of Linux. Oracle Support has stated this: Oracle RAC supports rolling upgrade of the OS which indicates you can upgrade OS of one node keeping other nodes up and after completing the upgrade of OS on first node, relink oracle clusterware and RDBMS binaries then bring up clusterware and database on that node and then upgrade second node keeping the first and third node up. This is supported only during OS upgrade. It is not supported to run clusterware with different version of OS on each node for a long time. The support is only for the time it takes to upgrade your OS". If our Linux admin is correct (RH 6 is a re-install), then the rolling upgrade recommended by Oracle is impossible?  Or do I dare to challenge him on this? 


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