Re: Anyone use a Mac day to day at work?

From: Dba DBA <>
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 15:22:21 -0500
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I was on a project a few years ago where we all used macbook pros. I did not notice any productivity improvement. I did notice a major annoyance. Oracle support did not support any of the browsers that ran on macintosh. It took me weeks to finally get someone to tell me why my 'submit' button on oracle support did not work with any of the mac browsers (I tried all of them). Support directed me to a non-technical person that insisted on talking me through which buttons to click. When I said the button didn't work they wanted me to do it again.We ended up running windows xp in a vmware fusion virtual machine just to run internet explorer to open and update oracle tickets. I do not know if that limitation still exists. As far as Mac being a unix backend. The only benefit to that was that we were using an open source Configuration Management tool (I forgot the name of it). So I could check in and pull code directly from unix. Then tar the files up and ftp to the server. I do most of my work directly on the unix server. I generally run poderosa with windows. I did not find the macintosh ssh clients to be any better.

Another annoyance with mac and oracle was that sometimes I like to run the windows sqlplus client so I can edit in notepad. I like to have a unix ssh and windows sqlplus open (I stick with oracle 10g so i don't have to use the dos client). It took a while for me to figure out how to configure oracle on mac to work with a visual editor (I used some native apple editor. I forget the name) and it took a little longer to open up than notepad. This wasn't huge. Just annoying.

overall, I don't buy that mac is better for a DBA at all. It really didn't improve anything.

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