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From: Vishal Gupta <>
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2009 15:14:37 +0100
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We store backups to disk to speed up any potential recovery requirements. Also we run hourly archivelog backups. We don't want to load up TSM with every database backing up its archievlog to TSM using TDPO directly.  

Also Database mount point , along with redo/backup/archivelog mount is sitting on SAN. And these disks are replicated via Hitachi TrueCopy to a different SAN in another country in another data centre. Also if we back up directly to TSM, then channels will be engaged for longer. As compared if backups are staged to disk. And then transferred to TSM.  

We take weekly full backups, and daily incremental backups. And rentain 1 full recoverable set (Full backups and subsequent incremental backups + archive log backups for upto 3 days) at any point in time on disk. These backups are stored on a separate mount point then datafiles/archivelogs/onlineredo logs etc. This is ensure that recovery is not slowed down due to restore from Tape.  

Also this backups on disks are rsynced on a hourly basis to test servers for systems which have a requirement to refresh test databses on a daily basis. This avoids having to refresh from tape. And also speeds up restore to test. Having said so, when we need to restore production database from a point in time pior to last full backup, then we restore directly off tape.  

Though when we transfer RMAN backup sets from disk to TSM (once a day). It does go to staging disk within TSM. And then TSM automatically de-stages them to tape in the background.  

Vishal Gupta

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Do you have/are you actually using TDPO (Tivoli Data Protection for Oracle) or just TDP? How big is your DB? Do you have LANFree licensed? If you've actually got TDPO, why don't you just go directly to tape? Alternatively, define a disk storage pool within TSM, use RMAN/TDPO to send the backups to that disk, then let TSM handle migrating that to tape?

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	I think this is actually normal. Netbackup does the same thing.
	If you backup directly to tape with NB, each backuppiece is then also a separate backup job.
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	We use RMAN to backup database to disk. And then use TSM TDP to backup RMAN backupsets from disk to TSM. Trouble is for each backup piece TDP is creating separate session to TSM.
	Has anyone else encountered this issue. There is obviously some over head in creating and releasing session to TSM for backup each RMAN backupset. I raised this issue with our TSM administrator, who in turn raised it with IBM. But IBM has not provided any sensible explanation for this.
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