RE: TSM TDPO Multiple Sessions

From: D'Hooge Freek <>
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2009 11:40:31 +0200
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I think this is actually normal. Netbackup does the same thing. If you backup directly to tape with NB, each backuppiece is then also a separate backup job.


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Subject: TSM TDPO Multiple Sessions


We use RMAN to backup database to disk. And then use TSM TDP to backup RMAN backupsets from disk to TSM. Trouble is for each backup piece TDP is creating separate session to TSM.

Has anyone else encountered this issue. There is obviously some over head in creating and releasing session to TSM for backup each RMAN backupset. I raised this issue with our TSM administrator, who in turn raised it with IBM. But IBM has not provided any sensible explanation for this.

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