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From: Goulet, Richard <>
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 11:35:52 -0400
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    I've found this to be very helpful is finding out where the standby database is with regards to it's recovery:  

SELECT max(decode(PROCESS, 'MRP0',
sequence#))-max(decode(process,'RFS',decode(CLIENT_PROCESS,'LGWR', SEQUENCE#),NULL))current_log_gap
select process, sequence#, status from v$managed_standby where sequence# is not null
  and sequence# > 0
order by 2;  

Dick Goulet
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Subject: dataguard - monitoring, startup


    I have a few questions regarding dataguard. We currently have DG running in a 2 node cluster, and a third server (non-rac)

    The primary, and physical standby run in the cluster. The LSB being on a separate server. (not in the cluster)  

    We are looking for ways to monitor the DG environment. We're creating some scripts to do so. Does anyone have any scripts they would recommend ? Is grid control a viable solution ?  

    Also, on system reboots of the cluster, how do you handle the startup of DG, specially on the physical and logical servers ? Do you modify the cluster scripts, or dbstart to accommodate this, or create something else ? I was unable to find anything on metalink.  

            Your response is appreciated.  


solaris 5.10
oracle ee
asm ee
2 member rac cluster ee    

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