RE: "Headroom" in datafiles?

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Hi Chris,

Personally, I'm a big advocate of ASM and bigfile tablespaces. I put all my storage under ASM control, and when I create a database, I make sure all tablespaces are created as bigfile tablespaces. Tablespaces like SYSTEM, SYSAUX, TEMP, I usually set a reasonable max size. My application tablespaces are unlimited, and then I just monitor the amount of free space available in the diskgroup. When space is low, talk to storage admin, he gives me another chunk of raw disk, I add it to my diskgroup, and that's it. Each tablespace grows to the size it needs to be, I don't need to monitor individual databases/tablespaces, and life is simple.


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Subject: "Headroom" in datafiles?

I'm curious how much "headroom" people like to maintain in their datafiles? We have a large data reorganization procedure underway as part of our DR discovery process and I was playing around with some ideas.

I was thinking, we could allocate a fixed size for each datafile (say 32G for example) and not worry about space or autoextend until we reached some threshold. OR
I could fix each datafile to have 10% free space at all times OR
something similar.

I think what bothers me is knowing that some of my datafiles are "99%" full for example while others are 5% full in the same database.

Do any of you get bothered by datafiles being a certain % "full"?

We've got gobs of disk space "right now" so I've been pushing this to the back burner for a while for coming up with a cohesive policy on datafiles.


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