OCFS2 vs Oracle ASM CFS

From: Jeremy Schneider <jeremy.schneider_at_ardentperf.com>
Date: Thu, 03 Sep 2009 07:21:55 -0500
Message-ID: <4A9FB4E3.6070907_at_ardentperf.com>

Some quick questions for the ocfs2-users list, now that 11.2 is public. (Now that it's public knowledge that Oracle developed a whole new [propriatery] cluster filesystem from the ground up for RAC.)
  1. Seems that the 11.2 docs encourage using ACFS rather than OCFS2 for oracle binaries. Would it be safe to say that OCFS2 isn't strategic at all anymore for Oracle database files? I've also noticed that OCFS2 is the underlying filesystem in Oracle VM. Is this a shift in strategy for OCFS2? As a development team, are you guys increasing your focus on Oracle VM? I wouldn't expect that Oracle would continue to invest in OCFS2 development only for the benefit of SLES...
  2. I'm curious if anyone has tried running OCFS2 on DVM? Would there be any point to using OCFS2 rather than ACFS?
  3. ACFS shapshots -- or are those a feature of DVM? Seems like a great feature - isn't xfs the only other currently released filesystem to support this? Any plans to add snapshots to the OCFS2 roadmap?

This is why I've always loved OCFS2 so much to start with -- there is no "asm-users" or "asm-devel" mailing list. :)



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