Academic question: How to recover through a gap of archived redol ogs with data loss?

From: Martin Klier <>
Date: Thu, 06 Aug 2009 18:24:09 +0200
Message-ID: <>

Hi list,

I know it's unsecure, unsupported and ugly. But given this situation:

I need a recovery of a tablespace, all archivelogs are there, bu I miss one from last night. I want to do a "complete" recovery.

The log that's missing is out of a low activity period, and I am ready to acceppt slight data corruption, and I will set up the DB as a new afterwards, but I need the data from this morning.

What can one desperate DBA do?

To make it clear: I don't have this situation at the moment, but someday this may change, and I would prefer to test this stress situation in peacetime (now).

Any hints, advice, procedures?

Thanks a lot
Martin Klier

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