Re: Looking for folks that have had a positive experience with OWB

From: Eric Buddelmeijer <>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 09:09:02 +0200
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You mentioned it, 'non-technical folks'. OWB is a pure ETL tool that sits closely to the database and PL/SQL. Which means it is a rather technical tool. But that on the other hand, that is also one of its strongpoint, the technical nature.

I know first hand of at least 4 mid-sized companies that use OWB, DWH's up to 3 TB. It takes time to develop a DWH with OWB but it can be tweaked by any good DBA.

One of the other strong points is the availability of a (hard to learn but powerful) scripting language called OMBPlus. It means that if you have a standard way of developing your mappings, you can generate your mappings. Sometimes just from the source table definition up. Not that you can generate everything, that is never the case with any tool, but the bulk of the standard things can be automated.

Another thing is that OWB comes with a run time environment. That is one thing developers never think about when designing their mappings. Traceability. With OWB you get a logging in a repository (db) of every mapping that has run, what it has done and what went wrong. Of course you have to learn to find your way in such a repository, but you don't have to develop a logging system yourself. And believe me, once you start running mappings you will want to know what has happened. And you don't want to develop that yourself, especially if it, most of the time, has to be added after the actual mappings have been created.

Is it perfect? Of course not! Is it rubbish? Even less so.

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2009/4/20 Carol Dacko <>

> The Data Warehousing group in our organization continues to say that their
> sources indicate that Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) "is not worth a dime."
> Some non-technical folks in our organization tried out the product for
> Oracle 10g and scrapped the product.
> Does anyone have any positive experiences with this product? We are
> putting together a Strategic Plan for the next 3 years, and I'd like to have
> a better understanding of what the acceptance of OWB is in the marketplace.
> Thanks kindly for your appreciation regarding this request!
> Carol Dacko
> University of Michigan

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