Re: Looking for folks that have had a positive experience with OWB

From: Carol Dacko <>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 13:06:08 -0400
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Thanks so very much for your input! I really appreciate it!


On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 3:09 AM, Eric Buddelmeijer <>wrote:

> You mentioned it, 'non-technical folks'. OWB is a pure ETL tool that sits
> closely to the database and PL/SQL. Which means it is a rather technical
> tool. But that on the other hand, that is also one of its strongpoint, the
> technical nature.
> I know first hand of at least 4 mid-sized companies that use OWB, DWH's up
> to 3 TB. It takes time to develop a DWH with OWB but it can be tweaked by
> any good DBA.
> One of the other strong points is the availability of a (hard to learn but
> powerful) scripting language called OMBPlus. It means that if you have a
> standard way of developing your mappings, you can generate your mappings.
> Sometimes just from the source table definition up. Not that you can
> generate everything, that is never the case with any tool, but the bulk of
> the standard things can be automated.
> Another thing is that OWB comes with a run time environment. That is one
> thing developers never think about when designing their mappings.
> Traceability. With OWB you get a logging in a repository (db) of every
> mapping that has run, what it has done and what went wrong. Of course you
> have to learn to find your way in such a repository, but you don't have to
> develop a logging system yourself. And believe me, once you start running
> mappings you will want to know what has happened. And you don't want to
> develop that yourself, especially if it, most of the time, has to be added
> after the actual mappings have been created.
> Is it perfect? Of course not! Is it rubbish? Even less so.
> Kind regards,
> Eric.
> 2009/4/20 Carol Dacko <>
> The Data Warehousing group in our organization continues to say that
>> their sources indicate that Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) "is not worth a
>> dime." Some non-technical folks in our organization tried out the product
>> for Oracle 10g and scrapped the product.
>> Does anyone have any positive experiences with this product? We are
>> putting together a Strategic Plan for the next 3 years, and I'd like to have
>> a better understanding of what the acceptance of OWB is in the marketplace.
>> Thanks kindly for your appreciation regarding this request!
>> Carol Dacko
>> University of Michigan

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