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RE: ER Tools (was: erwin)

From: Jacques Kilchoer <>
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 16:32:03 -0700
Message-ID: <>

I work for quest so obviously my recommendation should be taken with a grain of salt but Qdesigner is available for trial download and the purchase price can be seen online.

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> From: Jesse, Rich [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Sent: lundi, 7. juillet 2003 12:29
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> Subject: ER Tools (was: erwin)
> Anyone care to ballpark a $$$ on the registered version of ERwin? I'm
> guessing it's expensive, and Computer ASSociates doesn't
> exactly trip my
> trigger.
> I'm trying to find a low-cost ER tool in order to get some simple data
> modeling done. So far, this is what I've found (VERY briefly):
> 1) Visio. Needs Enterprise edition. The UI is a pain, as far as I'm
> concerned. Pain, pain, pain. Cheapest viable option so far
> at less than
> $500/user. It can be used for more than just data modeling.
> 2) Oracle 9iDS. Hugely bloated. Relies on a 3GB (minimum)
> repository for
> some stupid reason. Apparently can't buy just Designer,
> which is all we
> need. Difficult to get started (concepts and management of workspace,
> container). Slow on a 2.4Ghz PC w/512MB RAM, although this
> may be due to me
> having to create the [EMAIL PROTECTED] repository DB on the same PC. Very
> comprehensive, though, from what I've seen. Can't access
> drawings from the
> OS, since they're (probably) in the repository.
> 3) No freeware tools such as dia, VisioModeler (pre-MS
> version of Visio),
> OpenOffice, or Koffice seemed to be able to draw crow's foot diagrams.
> 4) Sybase PowerBuilder. Didn't check out the download yet,
> although a demo
> of an older version (v6) seems like it would work. Not impressed with
> Sybase in general and it's probably in the $1Ks/user.
> 5) Data Architect from only does physical
> modelling and
> their Kivio product doesn't seem to support crow's foot.
> 6) DeZign from Haven't downloaded the demo
> yet, but the
> single screenshot looks promising. And at $149/user or
> $119/user for 10
> licenses, I'm hoping...
> I've been looking thru past messages found on
> (better searching
> than and this is the majority of what I've been
> able to find.
> Anyone have more to add?

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