How does the Oracle Developer exam looks like?


Four exams/test are required for the Developer Certification.
The following tests makes up the Oracle Certification Program for Developer/2000:

Test codeTest NameStatus:Number of QuestionsPassing ScoreTime
1Z0-001SQL and PL/SQL Expired July 200160640/80090 minutes
1Z0-101Developer PL/SQL Program UnitsExpired July 200157 (7 are ungraded)620/80090 minutes
1Z0-111Developer/2000 Forms 4.5 I Expired July 200180640/80090 minutes
1Z0-112Developer/2000 Forms 4.5 II Expired July 200187 (7 are ungraded)640/80090 minutes
1Z0-113Developer/2000 Reports 2.5 Expired July 200160640/80090 minutes
Developer Rel1 to Rel21Z0-120Developer/2000 Release 2: New FeaturesActive 90 minutes
1Z0-001SQL and PL/SQL Active60640/80090 minutes
1Z0-101Developer PL/SQL Program UnitsActive?620/80090 minutes
1Z0-121Developer/2000 Build Forms I Expire July 2002?640/80090 minutes
1Z0-122Developer/2000 Build Forms II Expire July 2002?640/80090 minutes
1Z0-123Developer/2000 Build Reports Expire July 2002?640/80090 minutes
1Z0-131Developer Rel 6: Build Internet Apps I Active?640/80090 minutes
1Z0-132Developer Rel 6: Build Internet Appls IIActive?640/80090 minutes