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Oracle books

Introduction to Oracle
Books to help beginners and newbies to get a grip on Oracle

SQL and SQL*Plus
SQL and SQL*Plus Books

PL/SQL Programming Books

OCP Certification
Oracle Certification Books (OCA, OCP, OCM, etc.)

Oracle DBA
Oracle Database Administration and Management Books

Oracle SQL*Net and ODBC Books

Backup and Recovery
Oracle Backup, Recovery and RMAN Books

Performance Tuning
Oracle Performance Tuning and Monitoring Books

Oracle Security Books

Oracle Developer (Forms, Reports, Discoverer) and other Programming Books

Oracle Designer Books

Warehouse and OLAP
Oracle Data Warehousing, OLAP and Discoverer Books

Internet/ Web
Oracle Internet/ Web Books, including HTMLDB, JDBC, JSQL, XML, etc.

Applications & SAP R3
Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite) and SAP/R3 Books

References and Other
Complete References and Other Oracle Books (VB, SQL, etc.)

Unix and Linux
Linux and Unix Books

Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, etc Books

If you own/wrote an Oracle book that's not listed on this page, please let us know.