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Tony Andrews

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Some very occasional musings on matters concerning Oracle specifically or databases in general.Tony Andrews
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HGV Levy

Wed, 2014-04-16 04:45
The UK government has introduced a new service for foreign lorry drivers to pay a levy to use UK roads here: It was built by my current employer, Northgate Information Solutions. Guess what technology it runs on? We had a lot of interesting challenges when building this: Compliance with UK Government styling and standards Responsive design to work on Tony Andrews

It's a drag...

Sun, 2014-01-26 06:54
It really used to be a "drag" putting together a set list for my band using my Oracle database of songs we play: the easiest way was to download all the songs to an Excel spreadsheet, manipulate them there, then re-import back into the database.  I tried various techniques within APEX but none was easier than that - until now.  I have just discovered jQuery UI's Sortable interaction, and in a Tony Andrews, UK51.2622513 -0.4672517000000198150.6264563 -1.7581452000000197 51.898046300000004 0.82364179999998011