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Tony Andrews

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Some very occasional musings on matters concerning Oracle specifically or databases in general.Tony Andrews
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APEX plugin: make tabular report responsive

Mon, 2016-05-16 07:45
I often have to build APEX applications that are responsive to the size of the screen they are running on - from desktops down to mobile phones.  While this can be achieved quite easily using a modern responsive theme, reports are often a problem.  For example, this report looks fine on a desktop: ... but gets truncated on a mobile: Here I'm using the APEX 5.0 Universal Theme, which at least Tony Andrews

Trello is my new knowledge base

Fri, 2016-04-08 07:53
How often do you hit an issue in development and think "I know I've had this problem before, but what's the solution?"  Most days if you've been around a long time like me.  It could be "how do you create a transparent icon", or "what causes this Javascript error in an APEX page".  So you can spend a while Googling and sifting through potential solutions that you vaguely remember having seen Tony Andrews

Can't make my mind up about "Feuerstein refactoring"

Fri, 2016-03-04 10:55
When writing large PL/SQL processes I do like to try to make the code as readable as possible.  One way is to follow Steven Feuerstein's advice as exemplified here in a blog post and here in a Youtube video  to refactor the code into small chunks. I have done that, but then find I have my doubts about it.  My problem with it is that it breaks the code into small local procedures and functions Tony Andrews