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Chris Warticki

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Updated: 11 hours 55 min ago

CPQ Cloud Support Resources

Wed, 2016-02-03 09:48

First and ALWAYS – the #1 investment is made in the PRODUCT, PRODUCT, PRODUCT.

Remain a student of the product.

1. CPQ Cloud PRODUCT Information Page

2. CPQ Cloud Learning Center

3. Get trained on the PRODUCTCPQ Cloud Learning Subscription

4. Oracle Learning Library

a.Cloud Library

My Oracle Support CPQ Cloud Support Center 

CPQ Newsletter

Personalize My Oracle Support Experience

1. Setup Proactive Alerts and Notifications

2. Customize your MOS Dashboard

3. Remain in the Know – Subscribe to Cloud and SaaS, Newsletters

Collaborate. Communicate. Connect

1. Oracle Mobile App – News, Events, Mobile MOS, Videos etc

2. Applications Customer Connect

3. My Oracle Support Community

a. CPQ (BigMachines) Community

SOCIAL Circles of Influence

1. Oracle CPQ Cloud

2. Oracle Cloud Zone

3. Oracle Cloud Marketplace

4. Cloud Café (Podcasts)

5. CPQ Blog

6. Oracle Cloud Solutions Blog

Engage with Oracle Support

1. Upload ALL reports if logging a Service Request

2. Leverage Oracle Collaborative Support (web conferencing)

3. Better Yet – Record your issue and upload it (why wait for a scheduled web conference?)

4. Request Management Attention as necessary