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SQL Server- CMDEXEC Subsystem Failed to Load

Tue, 2015-10-06 08:43

During your life as a DBA, you will probably have to restore the master database and all the user databases on a new operating system to bring an already existing SQL Server instance online. One of my clients recently had an issue with hardware failure. Our only option was to install SQL Server on a new OS and use the backup files to restore all the databases from the old SQL Server instance. Once the new system was completely built and we restored msdb, we noticed that some of the SQL Server Agent jobs began to fail. Below is the error output from the job history. It states that the CMDEXEC subsystem failed to load.

This will occur because the installation of the previous SQL Server install was done on a different drive than the newly- built SQL Server installation. There are 2 different ways to fix the issue.

Option 1

If you run the below command in a SQL Server query window on the new instance, you will get the output below and find that the old installation, in this examples, was done on the C:\ drive. The newly-built SQL Server installation was done on the E:\ drive, so we have to update the table to correct the paths.

FROM msdb..syssubsystems


In order to update the table, you will have to run the below command and replace the subsystem_dll path for each subsystem to the drive that the new SQL Server installation is on.

sp_configure 'allow updates',1


UPDATE syssubsystems
SET subsystem_dll = REPLACE(subsystem_dll, 'C:\Program Files', 'E:\Program Files')
FROM syssubsystems
WHERE subsystem_dll LIKE 'C:\Program Files%' 

sp_configure 'allow updates',0

--Restart SQL Server Agent

After you are finished updating the table to the new paths of the SQL Server installation, you will have to restart the SQL Server Agent for the changes to take place.

Option 2

You would run the same exact SELECT statement to verify that the paths are not the correct paths of the installation. Then you would run the DELETE statement to truncate the table. Step 3 would be to execute the sp_verify_subsystems stored procedure which will update the subsystem table with the correct information. After a quick restart of the SQL Server Agent, the table will be repopulated, and that will be all that is needed for your jobs to now run successfully.

--Step 1
--Look for the existence of the subsystem values
FROM msdb..syssubsystems
--Step 2
--DELETE the existing subsystem values
DELETE FROM msdb..syssubsystems
--Step 3
--Reload the subsystem values
EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_verify_subsystems 1

--Restart SQL Server Agent.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy!

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What to adopt Away from Learning In foreign countries on your Professional Life

Sat, 2015-10-03 06:34

Before My partner and i eventually left intended for my personal very first examine overseas, any 6 thirty day period stint throughout Barcelona inside 08, My partner and i was arranging a term “ off” that might require far more partying when compared with learning. Naturally, every examine overseas knowledge is actually rich in plenty of enjoyment, however it wasn’ to until finally I arrived in Spain that i determined simple functions connected with daily life like requesting a thing at the rear of your kitchen counter of a retailer would likely need far more of me personally than position, grunt, shell out, get away from. Lifestyle wasn’ to going to possibly be very easy, breezy, beautiful include girl…. (I’ m a guy through the way).

It has been the event to be plopped someplace fully unusual which higher my personal smells in addition to self-awareness to understand a number of reasons for myself, many people along with living generally speaking that have assisted me personally on an ongoing basis around my specialized lifetime article college or university (I’ meters only 25, don’ capital t roll ones little brown eyes! ). This particular article should be to provide you with precisely what expertise you possibly can build on on your own research overseas expertise an extra chance primed as well as prepared with regard to the real world, along with light years in front of ones peers.

The Incredible importance of Chatting an additional Language

Growing up with Philadelphia, My spouse and i wasn’ to confronted with excessive multiplicity. My partner and i was necessary to acquire an additional language by midsection institution by means of school, and also My spouse and i chosen Spanish inside my mother’ ohydrates fervent endorsement. My partner and i loved the courses, but My spouse and i has been quite horrible my whole 6 a long time – simply because I didn’ t see a purpose correctly at that time. My partner and i by no means chatted it outside type, terrible, When i didn’ big t actually understand a new native Spanish language speaker! Effectively, after deciding on to attend your College connected with Arkansas for school, I has been struck hit in the confront with the Latin Earth. A lot of my own other classmates were 100% bilingual, plus the subsequent My spouse and i moved off campus, My spouse and i has been forced in speaking Spanish almost everywhere.

Being in a position to naturally survive using mostly Uk with Arkansas (it’ utes still in the us, sort of), I ended up being looking to alleviate our approach directly into Barcelona while using “ friendly” people slicing me a break together with my very poor The spanish language and converse Language beside me, youngster seemed to be My spouse and i unreasonable.

My university or college as well as apartment throughout Barcelona were being found in a town having merely local shop, and if I need to to do anything, the idea must be with Spanish. It had been coming from that will connection with experiencing thoroughly humiliated which i didn’ to chat your neighborhood vocabulary i always struck the books difficult, browse the newspapers any opportunity I acquired, and also swallowed our pride any time talking to men and women around the neighborhood to strengthen my personal new talents. The idea worked, and also regarding several weeks later My partner and i ended up being possessing full on interactions.

When I came back here we are at Ohio, My spouse and i mention superior to any additional university student in my The spanish language instruction, and after graduating, My partner and i was able to safe many talk with my own bilingualism, specifically for tasks beyond Southern region Texas where by fluent The english language Audio system are much along with number of in between. When you’ re about to research offshore, get a place in which many people communicate another terminology. It will produce your own way of life an issue, but this type of gratifying one particular ultimately.

Learning Ethnical Sensitivity

The solution to genuinely learn bestessayonline is actually are always be presented on a person in addition to learn from case in point. Aside from my study offshore experience, I additionally put in the summer months within Argentina and a winter break in Mexico. With the time When i got to South america (as any Senior), the Spanish was in excess of sufficient to generate the technique around, yet, of which didn’ to cease finish other people coming from giving to aid us arrive at exactly where I necessary to go, give everyone a contact number in the event of an unexpected emergency, a free of charge mealtime, and so on. Why performed these people practice it? 1. it’ ohydrates simply inside Mexican lifestyle to become large and also pleasant for you to strangers, but more to the point, simply because understood I seemed to be any foreigner in a dangerous terrain and they also went out with their method to guide us. Presently, When i process a similar during my expert lifestyle once i learn litigant as well as co-worker is via somewhere else which may not necessarily realize the area customs or perhaps words fluently. It is going a long way to generate folks feel at ease, in addition to so say the least, features led to much home based business for me. To achieve the thinking process, “ it is The united states or maybe BRITISH ISLES, chat English”, can be old fashioned in addition to small minded. Our society gets smaller sized in addition to more compact, of course, if anyone don’ testosterone levels training ethnic sensitivity an individual won’ to obtain extremely considerably. Possibly be aggressive as well as helpful to these around a person by other areas, as well as you’ ll move much, and also hi, you’ re also guaranteed to create a number of fresh buddies in the process!

Learning Independence

When a person review offshore, you are compelled to become unbiased while you’ re inside a new area, most likely using a language, practices and individuals unusual to your account. All your family isn’ capital t there to see you anything will be okay, whilst your friends anyone typically hang out using each weekend aren’ big t text messages someone to dash in place and get dressed.

While the thought of being by yourself in a completely new position scares the great lord little one Christ from some individuals, it’s going to cause you to be any much more resilient and separate person, and another large phase nearer to adulthood. My partner and i believed including We was raised a good deal with my 6 30 days review in another country knowledge in Barcelona, along with My spouse and i preserved that maturity any time turning up returning for the University or college involving Arkansas. Rely on me personally, you’ ll always be surprised to discover simply how much you’ ve harvested over a examine in another country trip compared to going back residence in addition to seeing precisely how folks possess remained the identical.

Learning tips on how to become independent along with imagine severely are incredibly marketable and also attractive traits to a achievable company. Ones manager wants you to definitely play by the books and comply with corporation practices, although he/she doesn’ t want to have to keep ones hands in addition to inform you each process would have to be completed possibly. Self-starters as well as impartial thinkers breed creativity as well as inject vitality into your job, in addition to companies hunt for these days and nights.


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What to adopt Away from Learning In foreign countries on your Professional Life

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Around the Clock Database Support: The Database Night Watch

Wed, 2015-09-30 07:00

It’s late, you’re tired, and all you want is your head to hit the pillow – all DBAs know the feeling.  It was a long day to begin with, and just as you drifted off to sleep, your cell phone rings.  All of a sudden you need to log back into your datacenter and troubleshoot a critical database that became unresponsive.  End users need access to this data before they sit down at their desk in the morning – so sleep isn’t an option.

There’s no such thing as time off in Database Administration, meaning DBA managers and their teams never truly rest.  You’re tasked with database security, monitoring, capacity planning, hardware/software installation and configuration, and numerous other day-to-day responsibilities, all while juggling the critical issues that arise around the clock.  But as your company’s “go-to” IT professional, the data and its surrounding environment are your responsibility 24×7.

Common Problems Facing Modern DBA Teams

In-house DBA managers and their teams face a variety issues while trying to properly manage the databases they’re responsible for.  The planned structure of a workday can be derailed in an instant when dealing with:

  • Understaffing / Limited Resources
  • Break/Fix Problems & Critical Issues (Maintained 24×7)
  • Gaps in Technical Knowledge
    • No DBA knows every platform and application
  • Rapid Updates & Development of Applications

New Call-to-action

Internal DBA teams often feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities they carry around, and rightfully so with those responsibilities weighing on their shoulders 24×7.  Weekends, holidays and late nights are all fair game to be maintaining these environments.  But the most frustrating part for a DBA is when these recurring issues keep them from fully using their skillset to design, build and deploy projects for the long-term benefit of the database environment and business.  It’s these reasons that often leave DBA managers looking for remote DBA support.


100% US-Based Supplemental Database Support

With internal resources overwhelmed, remote database support is an option DBA managers consider when looking to supplement their in-house team.  Based on the needs of your business, remote DBA support from RDX gives businesses the entire collective knowledge of a team of DBAs with expertise across a wide range of platforms and applications.  RDX DBA support frees up time for your team to focus on the high priority / high ROI activities that have been neglected due to the current workload.

With database monitoring services and access to RDX expertise, we’re able to help your DBAs focus on revenue-generating initiatives and provide emergency support for critical issues – but most importantly, you can finally get some sleep.  Even more importantly, these tools and best practices insure fewer emergency database issues in the long run.

Customized Monitoring Strategy that Meets Your Unique Needs

RDX works with you to custom tailor an event notification and resolution strategy for every component of your application architecture including databases, middle tier servers and other hardware devices.  From monitoring a database buffer cache to a long running job or third-party application error log, the RDX DOC team is able to quickly deploy a customized monitoring solution that meets each, individual customer’s monitoring requirements.

24×7 Emergency Remote DBA Support

Rest easy – RDX’s emergency remote database support has your environments covered 24×7. Our Database Operations Center (DOC) keeps a watchful eye on your databases around the clock; and all technicians are dedicated IT professionals trained in problem-resolution, oftentimes correcting problems before anyone even notices.

The DOC is also your contact for database support in the early hours of the morning – and they will escalate any critical issues that arise to our on-call DBAs who will work tirelessly until all issues are corrected.  Even in the early hours of the morning, if a critical database error has occurred on a host server, the DOC and RDX remote DBAs are available and working to correct the issue – finally giving you the support needed to become proactive with your database administration.

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The Art of Being a Successful DBA- Paranoid DBA Best Practices

Mon, 2015-09-28 10:37

Ever look at a screen’s output and get that puckered feeling in the pit of your stomach? If you have been working in this profession for any amount of time, you know the feeling I’m talking about. The feeling that makes you think you would rather be living in Montana making woodcarvings at a roadside stand than being a DBA. I’ll be taking a somewhat lighthearted look at the perils of our profession and discuss ways to reduce problem occurrences.

The Perils of our Profession
One of the common challenges that all DBAs face, no matter what vendor’s database they work on, is the absolute attention to detail our profession demands. Switch a couple of characters in a script, forget to set your SID, set the wrong flag at the wrong time and the end result usually isn’t pretty. Many commands we issue on a regular basis are destructive by their very nature. This is the reason why I have a great respect for all technicians who have selected database administration as their chosen profession.

I know they have all experienced that uncontrolled “eye-twitching” at 2 AM when they are ready to hit the final enter key to execute the command. You know what command I’m talking about too. It’s that one command that you really, really, really hope is going to come back with a successful return code and ultimately end with a database that is finally usable. Whether it’s a recovery, a file fix or corrupt data is immaterial, it’s the wait that we are talking about.

There is no longer wait in the DBA profession than waiting for the message below after a database recovery:

Database opened.

Time always seems to stand still. The longer the recovery, the messier the recovery, the more critical the database – the longer you wait. You stare at the screen hoping beyond hope that the above message will appear. It’s the ritual cross your fingers, spin around three times, face towards Oracle headquarters and pray to everything that is Larry Ellison wait.   I don’t care how sure you are of your capabilities, or how much of an Oracle “Ace” you are – you know the anticipation I’m talking about.  You then either breathe a sigh of relief or you are in absolute disgust when you see an Oracle error message appear.

Not only must we try to prevent our own mistakes, we must safeguard our environments against the mistakes of others. Operating system administrators, disk storage technicians and application developers are just like us. We are all part of the human community that makes mistakes from time to time.

If you never make mistakes, send me a resume. I’m always looking for a “Patron Saint of Oracle” here at RDX.   It will also save us on travel costs because I’m sure you’ll be able to spread your wings and fly here on your own.

As my old boss used to tell me (when I was a VERY junior DBA), “It really doesn’t make a difference who broke the database. You are the technician who is ultimately responsible for fixing it. The buck stops with you. If you can’t protect your environments, you aren’t doing your job.” We all know he’s absolutely correct.

Then there’s the software glitches. The problems that pop up out of the blue and make you go:

“WHAT THE? – How did THAT happen? I’ve done this 317 times in a row and it worked every time.”

For you math majors, here’s my calculation for this:


I don’t care what software you are using, you will run into the “only occurs on this release, on this version of the operating system, using this particular feature on the third Tuesday of the sixth month when it’s cloudy outside” BUG. Be sure to expect management to stop by and ask “Well, why didn’t you test this on the third Tuesday of the sixth month when it was cloudy outside?”

The more complex the database ecosystem, the more paranoid I become. Which is why I’m not a follower of “the database is getting so easy – we won’t need DBAs” mantra that mindless industry pundits profess on a seemingly endless basis.

So now we know that our jobs are somewhat unforgiving and we do make a mistake from time to time. What can we do to reduce the chance of an error occurring?

Poka-Yoke for DBAs!
Poka-Yoke is a Japanese term that means “fail-safeing” or “mistake- proofing.”   Wikipedia’s definition of Poka-Yoke is: “Its purpose is to eliminate product defects by preventing, correcting or drawing attention to human errors as they occur.”

Since I’m a car nut, here’s a couple of automotive Poka-Yoke examples.  You can’t take the keys out of most modern cars until the car is in park.  In addition, most cars won’t allow you to shift out of park until the key is in the “ON” position.  How about gas caps that have the little tether that prevents us from driving off without the cap?   Most gas caps are also attached using a ratchet assembly that ensures proper tightness and prevents over tightening.

Take a look around you, you’ll see dozens of Poka-Yokes during your daily activities:

  • The little holes in bathroom sinks that prevent overflows
  • Microwaves will stop when the door is opened
  • Dryer doors will also stop when the door is opened
  • Lawn movers that have a safety bar that must be depressed before they will run
  • Disk brakes that begin to make a noise before they are completely ground down
  • Rumble strips on roads

The list really is endless.  We have applied the Poka-Yoke process to our daily activities here at RDX.  We have checklists, process documentation, best practices, sign-off sheets – the works.

I’d be very interested to learn your Poka-Yoke ideas!   If you have a Poka-Yoke idea, please respond and we’ll be glad to discuss it.  Here’s some general ones that I recommend.

The Second Set of Eyes
As I have stated in previous blogs, I have over 20 years of experience using Oracle and have done my fair share of database backups and recoveries. During my career as an Oracle instructor, I have assisted in hundreds of database recoveries in Oracle’s classroom environments.   During later stages of my career, I still had others review my recovery strategy and recovery steps before I began the recovery process. I used backup and recovery just as an example. Whatever the process is you are performing, a second opinion may prevent you from making a mistake. A review from a fellow DBA has saved me more than once. I may be described as having an ego (I have no idea where they get that opinion), but it doesn’t prevent me from asking for help from others.

A while back, a few RDX DBAs were correcting a very poor third-party utility backup script  that was created by a customer’s previous database support vendor   The third-party backup storage utility  was overly complex, but it was the product the customer standardized on years ago.   The customer described this particular environment as “if it goes down, we lose our ability to make money” application.   After the massive set of changes was complete, two DBAs went line-by-line verifying each line of the backup script. At the end of each script they asked each other, “Are you OK with this?” Only then, did they move on to the next one. I don’t care how much time you have “in the seat” using Oracle, you need to put your ego aside at times and have someone check your work on critical activities.  Our next step for this customer was, you guessed it, High Availability implementation.

I used to work for a shop that subscribed to the “everybody in one big room” philosophy. I guess it was supposed to allow everyone to work together as a team and become as “one with each other.” It may have achieved that purpose, but it sure didn’t allow you to concentrate on your work very well. You could hear so many different conversations they had to pump in white noise. The constant ‘whhhsssssshhhssshhh” noise made me feel like I was a crew member of the Starship Enterprise.

Like all DBA units, our particular area was often populated with various developers and O/S technicians. Many different conversations were occurring, some that could be described as somewhat animated. The environment did not allow you to concentrate on the task at hand. We often had to go into small conference rooms to work on critical tasks.

The point I’m trying to make is that no matter what type of environment you work in: if you can concentrate, OK. However, if you are like me and you can’t, find a spot where you can. Block off some time, send questions to other DBAs and concentrate on the task at hand. Don’t attempt to answer questions and code a complex script at the same time. This may seem obvious, but throughout my career, I have personally watched numerous DBAs attempt to multitask when they are working on a critical process. It’s a recipe for a problem. Once you are done, follow rule number one and have someone review your work.

What Database Are You Working IN?
Ever work in the wrong database? Working in the wrong database is a common problem for database experts as well as their less experienced counterparts. How many times have YOU found yourself running statements in the wrong environment? Feel free to include me in that not so select group. The operating system command SET can be used in Windows systems to display environment variables. The ENV command can be used to display the environment variables in UNIX. Many seasoned database administrators change their UNIX shell prompt in their profile to display the current Oracle SID. Displaying the current Oracle SID in the shell’s prompt provides a continuous reminder to the DBA of the database they are working in.  Google it – you’ll find dozens of scripts by your fellow DBAs.

Saving Time VS Creating a Problem
At a large manufacturing firm, I once watched a fellow DBA perform a rather complex set of administrative tasks to solve a problem. He was rapidly flipping back and forth between at least 15 active screens, copying and pasting and editing and copying and pasting and editing… I describe this particular activity as “Multiple Screen Syndrome.” He also had several other screens open that were connected to other databases. He was multi-tasking to its highest degree.  Take a break, take a breath and look at what you are doing.

How about the rm -r /u0*/ora*/prod*/*/*.* command in UNIX? It’s the command that drops multiple databases in multiple directories- all in one painful swoop. How many times have you heard of a mistake caused by commands like this causing mass mayhem? When you make a mistake like this, you become immortalized in conversations for years to come. Get a few technicians together after work and ultimately the conversation will include, “Remember when Bob so-and-so ran that big rm -r command by mistake and wiped out the entire O/S on our production web server?” You can’t tell me you haven’t heard stories like this.

My opinion is that I would rather you take your time than showcase your multi-tasking and time saving skills. The more complex and critical the activity, the more basic you should become in your plan of attack.  Trust me when I say I won’t be impressed with your time savings “cut and paste” and wildcard expertise if I think it can even remotely be dangerous.

Safety First Mindset
You need to think “Safety First” when you are performing any particular complex or critical activity. Take the time and put one or two safeguards in place.

Other DBAs may call you paranoid; I’ll call you an experienced DBA that would rather be safe than sorry.

The intent of this blog post was to not provide you with a laundry list of recommendations; it was intended to help jump-start your creative juices to think about different methods to protect yourself against problems. If you have any helpful hints, please feel free to respond to this blog with your Safety First Tips and Tricks.

Thanks for reading,


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Avoid Visible Attribute Hierarchies for Attributes Used as Levels in User-Defined Hierarchies

Tue, 2015-09-22 07:15

Have you ever built a dimension in SSAS and received a blue informational warning advising you to:

“Avoid visible attribute hierarchies for attributes used as levels in user-defined hierarchies”

What does this mean and how do we fix it?


You have defined attributes in your dimension and also used them to create your user-defined hierarchy level. There are certain cases in which you would want to have single-level hierarchies versus using the user-defined multi-level hierarchy. An example of a good use for single-level hierarchies is when you want to only slice by year and do not want to have to look at a hierarchy from year to quarter year and so on…. only to pull the year out of the hierarchy to slice against the fact table.

The truth is this will not stop your dimension from processing. Having both gives you the ability to slice by the attributes, or you can slice by the defined hierarchy.


If you are going to use a user-defined hierarchy, set every attribute that you use to define the hierarchy levels to false. Right click on the attribute → Click on properties →(Property Pane Window) Set AttributeHierarchyVisible to False.

The blue squiggly line will disappear. However, now when you slice against the fact based off these attributes, you will need to use the user-defined hierarchy that you have designed to access the attributes within it.

As a quick reference, look at the difference between the two from a browser stand point:

Attributes set to visible looks like this:

Attributes with visible set to false looks and has to be accessed through the hierarchy like this:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

From here, you can slice using the individual attributes.

That was an easy fix by just understanding what SSAS is recommending. As business intelligence developers, it is our job to know what these informational messages are and what to do to resolve them. I hope this helps someone along the way. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks from RDX DBAs.

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The A+ Paper: Producing More robust Forms Employing a 3-Point Thesis Approach

Tue, 2015-09-22 02:26
OCTOBER 3, 2013

One staple associated with university lifetime can be producing investigation reports. Buying enough the process might be intense for some, finding out how to write well is definitely an critical skill that many business employers hugely importance. Nevertheless creating well set up, considered provoking forms does not have for being a great extremely hard task— in particular when you follow the particular 3-point thesis method.

Before you generate, you have to exploration.

The majority of ones cardstock producing plan are going to be spent exploring ones matter. Obviously, you need to decide on the matter which causes the area commence pursuit. The following tips can help you small straight down your matter options.

Find an interest that will pursuits people.

No make any difference exactly what training you might be creating the cardstock intended for, you must find a theme which you discover fascinating along with demanding. Additionally look at of which the amount of fascination with your own topic is comparable to the volume of effort you will end up willing to put in investigating that matter.

Get distinct.

You want to choose a matter that is narrow sufficient to never always be overwhelming yet wide sufficient to discover analysis components. One example is, if you had to generate a new cardstock concerning the Roman Empire, you may narrow your current theme into solely your conquests connected with Gaius Julius Octavius.

Stand for the back involving giants.

Base your own topic with exploration superb custom essay writing as well as conjecture that will was already developed. As an alternative to beginning the begining, grow about a person else’ s notion or maybe undertake an alternative view. Besides may this assist you to make new reviews or even arguments pertaining to as well as next to any preexisting theme, however help you people using locating study materials— you should utilize the identical or perhaps similar investigation resources since the person that you are basing ones disagreement on.

Use wikis to hold pursuit as well as sources prepared.

Wikis are generally a terrific way to manage pursuit information because of a couple of extremely important features: linking and also data hierarchies. Review Hacks features a fantastic content with developing any report study wiki.   http: //calnewport. com/blog/2009/05/11/how-to-build-a-paper-research-wiki/

Make an overview.

The intent behind a plan is two fold. First, it helps a person set up your current subject in the realistic method. Subsequent, it will help you receive experience in to ones theme which you didn’ big t recognize in the research stage. Ones summarize will probably consist of about three main parts: the launch, entire body and also conclusion created in the hierarchical construction.

The 1st area would be the Introduction which include the particular thesis statement and also points prior to the actual thesis statement. Figuring out the primary items of your respective thesis record is very important in this stage because these kinds of points can dictate all of those other report. When coming up with your outline— as well as composing your own thesis statement— you really need to purchase this points to ensure every argument moves in the up coming.

The subsequent portion will start our bodies on the papers and involves your factors posed through the thesis record; assisting facts as quotations, exploration files in addition to examples; and your design regarding precisely how this specific research is true of the argument. Just about every position should have three to five items of helping evidence according to the length of the paper.


Be guaranteed to add in any kind of citations to your research around the format. That you will save occasion afterwards while you are insert the details in your current report.

The past part would be the Conclusion and is the inverse of the Advantages. Your findings begins having a modified version of the thesis statement followed by a couple of points which deal with your general data around the subject.

The 3-Point Thesis Approach

Very similar to the means people composed reports throughout middle school, the actual 3-point thesis cardstock contains 3 components: an launch which has a thesis declaration, a new human body which is the bulk of this papers, and also a finish of which wraps every thing upward.   Using this technique, ones thesis statement is actually california king and also any devices with your report acts the particular california king.

The Introduction

Your advantages can more than begin ones paper. The idea forms the building blocks with the argument where your own thesis affirmation is built. Also, this is where by you may capture your own reader’ ersus attention and also cause the actual inquiries anyone paper will probably attempt to answer.

The Hook

Every good benefits has a hook. It’s really a quote, dilemma or perhaps record of which attracts the particular reader’ ersus focus. Ones connect must be use as a segue into the thesis affirmation.

The Thesis Statement

Your thesis affirmation books all of those other aspects of ones cardstock. The actual starting sentence need to move into the debate from the thesis statement— one more sentence of your launch. The thesis assertion includes a sole sentence in your essay that contain concerning a couple of along with 5 factors according to the time the paper. But if your thesis requires multiple sentence in your essay to mention, revise your current thesis.


For some sort of sleek change in one controversy to a higher, take into account ordering your own thesis things throughout one of several following means:

  • Strongest debate to help smallest argument
  • General theme for you to much more certain topic
  • Simple research in order to complicated analysis
  • Causes in addition to Effects

The Body

The almost all your own papers could be the entire body. Systems, an individual set when the position of appearing your things manufactured by your thesis. Use estimates, analysis data, and also appropriate suggestions to guide every single position an individual want to produce.

  Promoting Evidence

Organize your evidence so that it transitions into your subsequent bit of research efficiently. When you have evidence that will is true of many thesis position, restate of which data inside the proper portion of the entire body. Will not focus on many thesis stage during a period because this kind of can bring about a new report that is muddled in addition to unfocused.

Take your time and effort to be able to produce reasonable correlations among debate in addition to research. Your instructors are generally most considering how we synthesize along with implement encouraging proof on your fights.


Always tell of almost any assisting evidence that you work with, particularly quotes.


The realization will be more than a overview on the report. Think about in conclusion a lot more like some sort of concluding discussion in line with the factors provided in the body. In this article you may reply the queries presented from the introduction together with provide understanding to the debate in its entirety.


Plan to get started on earlier in order that you include a minimum of 2 or 3 days to weeks regarding revisions. As soon as revising the cardstock, looking at aloud can help you locate grammatical mistakes along with perplexing phrasing in addition to words.


A popular mistake for several individuals just isn’t developing a adequately formatted bibliography. You might also contemplate by using a web page including EasyBibhttp: //www. easybib. com/, Bibme http: //www. bibme. org/ or OttoBib http: //www. ottobib. com/ to help routinely formatting your current bibliography. Make sure to corner referrals your current bibliography with the citation style required because of your tutor.


Working with your bibliography because you obtain your quest materials would have been a period saver when you are writing your current paper.


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Taking a Composition Exam

Fri, 2015-09-18 05:00

You may perhaps often possibly be requested within higher education to look at composition examinations. In some techniques, a similar guidelines regarding composing good out-of-class works apply to producing good in-class works at the same time. For example, the two sorts of works are definitely more prosperous if you consider your function, crowd along with facts; whenever you develop a thesis together with assist; if you verify your assertions together with facts; when you guidebook your current audience with changes, and so forth.

However, there are many variances to keep in mind since you put together to publish. The most important the first is the point intended for composing. Commonly anyone create an investigation report, by way of example, to learn more regarding ones decided on matter; on the other hand, you compose article examinations to show the know-how. You aren’t merely offerring facts, and also indicating for a audience–the examiner–that you could have mastered the information which enables it to assist this. Basically, ones purpose is actually both equally educational and also persuasive. Retaining this kind of intent planned will allow you to equally plan for along with compose your article.


Study connections between thoughts. Your current coach just isn’t buying variety of unrelated components of information. Somewhat, the individual wants to make sure you understand the entire photo, my spouse and i. elizabeth., how a generalizations or maybe methods generate the composition for your distinct details, as well as how the cases or perhaps facts complete the particular breaks. Consequently, any time you’ lso are understanding, try out to take into consideration how the details satisfies collectively.

Prepare train questions. Seek to plan inquiries which will tend to be inquired. In case your trainer has provided anyone the particular concerns by themselves or perhaps a examine page ahead of time, training responding to those people issues. Usually, try and anticipate questions your own coach probably will request and exercise people. At the very least, put together the way you might reply your check questions; nonetheless, it’ ersus advisable truly create the actual solutions. Like that, you will be aware where you have to review a lot more.


Again, although you’ lso are using your examination, keep in mind that it’ utes not simply what you declare or maybe just how much people say, however The way you claim the item that’ ohydrates significant : personal creative essay writer UK. You need to indicate your instructor which you have acquired this material.

Plan your time and energy.   Although you can be operating being forced, carry a few moments to help prepare your time. See how a lot of units you are able to spend on every single solution. You will want to devote nearly all of your time for the questions which can be worthy of probably the most details, most likely answering those issues initial. Alternatively, you may want to reply 1st the particular issues you are best ready for.

Read the actual inquiries thoroughly.   Take a couple of minutes before writing your essay to learn the question carefully to be able to determine what exactly you are now being asked to complete. Most essay exam issues, or “ requires, ” are carefully worded as well as contain specific instructions with what you are to write down about and also HOW you need to organize your answer. The prompt may use a number of of the following terms. If the thing is that one of these brilliant terms, try to organize your essay to interact to the question or questions indicated.

classify:   Directly into what general category/categories may this notion belong?
compare:   Consider some of the similarities amid these thoughts? What will be the differences?
contrast:   What are differences in between these ideas?
critique:   What are strengths as well as weaknesses of the idea?
define:   Exactly what does this word or phrase suggest?
describe:   Do you know the important traits or top features of this thought?
evaluate:   Do you know the arguments regarding and from this idea? Which in turn arguments are generally stronger?
explain:   The reason why this true?
identify:   What exactly is this thought? What can be its label?
interpret:   Just what does that idea necessarily mean? Why can it be important?
justify:   The reason why this correct? Why is actually this genuine?
outline:   Consider some of the main things and crucial details?
summarize:   In brief, what will be the important ideas?
trace:   What’s the sequence of ideas or obtain of activities?

Plan ones answer.   Jot down the key points you want to make as you think as a result of your response. Subsequently, you should use your list to help you stick on the topic. In an exam scenario, it’ s an easy task to forget points should you don’ capital t write these individuals down.

Write available your essay or dissertation, using very good writing approaches.   Because was said earlier, dissertation exams are generally like other essays, so operate the same very good writing strategies you make use of for other sorts of writing. Understand that your purpose is always to persuade your current reader— the actual examiner— that you realize the substance.

First, create the thesis on your essay you can defend. Often, you be capable of turning the inquiries stated or perhaps implied about the exam into a solution and put it to use as your own thesis. This word also functions being an introduction.

For case in point, suppose you’re given the subsequent prompt with your psychology class:

Define “ procedural knowledge” and illustrate its relationship towards results connected with studies involving amnesic people.

The meant question can be:

What is usually “ procedural knowledge” and how could it be related towards results associated with studies involving amnesic people?

Note how one can turn the solution to in which implied question into the thesis of this exam essay. This section might assist as the introduction.

“ Procedural knowledge” is understanding how to do a task, including tying any shoe as well as driving a vehicle, and also scientific studies of amnesia show that such a knowledge or maybe recollection is normally kept through amnesic individuals. Perhaps in anmesic patients who’ve missing almost all of their particular declarative ram ability, the chance to style completely new procedural remembrances is usually undamaged…

Then, proceed immediately to explain, build, in addition to help your current thesis, attracting when products coming from text(s), talks, and also course talks. Be sure you service any generalizations together with tangible evidence, appropriate information, along with specific details that could convince ones reader that a thesis is valid. Make your main points stand out by writing distinct grammatical construction, and indicate their bond between these people with transitions.

For illustration, in respond to this prompt from the social perform class,

Identify and give among four substitute solutions for sale in cases connected with family turmoil.

a student wrote these paragraph. Note your transition phrase and also the generalization reinforced by particular evidence.

… The last alternative available in situations of spouse and children conflict is actually violence, and this isn’t an unusual response. 25% of all homicides in the U. S. involve one family member killing one more; 50 % of these are husband or wife homicides. Violence may take one of two types: volatile as well as coercive. Mind-blowing physical violence is just not premeditated. If your kid requires as well as failures the family auto, for example, the father may perhaps burst and conquer him. Coercive violence, conversely, will be sharp along with purposive; they have the purpose of producing complying as well as conformity. Thus, any setback supplied that has a menace not to do it again specific behaviours could be coercive….

Finally, summarize the controversy having a simple conclusion that lends the article a particular sense connected with closure.

Finishing this Exam

Proofread the reply.   Arrange a few moments after completing your dissertation for you to look at this very carefully. Primary, be sure you follow the actual query. Always solution precisely the issue asked with no digressing. If you learn you might have digressed, beautifully cross out and about which or perhaps grammatical construction. It’ s preferable to corner away some sort of section which is inconsequential (and to switch this which has a related one particular for those who have time) than to let your catch have. Within this wording at the very least, good quality is always considerably better quantity. Additionally look at syntax, punctuation and punctuation.


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The best way to Plan for a good Essay or dissertation Assessment

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Nearly everyone activities a good composition quiz sometimes eventually in their schooling. Essay exams are specifically frequent with secondary school. With regards to the topic and man or woman, it might take plenty of learning and preparing or maybe it can be really easy. No matter what, realizing in case you are ready is important internet marketing self-confident and also relaxed to publish the particular test.

  1. Collect on your own plus your information.   That is to check on your own readiness to the coming test. If you’re sidetracked but not prepared with the task at hand, your mastering will never be effective.
    • Be sure you  consider excellent notes  early in advance with class to get as ready as is possible.  
    • Turn off the Cellphone as well as any distractions to be able to target fully around the activity taking place. View:   The best way to Concentrate.
  2. Skim over ones category notices, reports, along with textbook.   Decide right off regardless of whether you could have sufficient data to publish a considerable essay or dissertation or perhaps when you need to assemble even more information.
    • Look through your ebook to discover details, or maybe, when essential, call an associate along with examine notices.  
  3. Make upward doable questions this essay may well address depending on your notes. This may let you organize probable essay matters.
    • Take into consideration stuff you have learned in addition to consider matters which were given further focus while in classes. Observe:   Feel Ahead
  4. Plan away the composition per topic without having the notices as well as book (unless it can be an open-book quiz).   That allow you to measure what exactly information you recognize witout a doubt and provides people a thought connected with be sure that research.
    • Don’t compose a complete dissertation per subject matter you might have regarded as. Even though this may provide you with an even more appropriate thought of whatever you recognize and don’t recognize, it truly is boring plus your assumed subjects may possibly however be completely wrong.  
    • Don’t panic or anxiety in case you abruptly realize you do not realize high of the information. Remain calm in addition to compiled so as to continue to completely focus buyessaywriting. When you finally panic, it will become very difficult for you to concentrate on the duty taking place. Purely research steadly and you will learn the details. View:   Stay Calm  and  Focus.  
  5. Study  the details you had been incapable of remember through ram.   Furthermore look at in excess of what we recognize just to preserve the item refreshing mentally. If you learn you simply can’t continue to be centered, have a swift crack along with wind down, assemble oneself, possess a munch, or maybe whatever you will need.  
  6. Decide whenever you feel safe using the information.   Look at around it a few more instances ahead of the assessment to maintain this refreshing mentally.  
  7. Finish planning.   Researching is just part of preparing for virtually any quiz. Make sure to not overwhelm your self and relax later.
    • Get a fantastic night time snooze  
    • Relax  or  meditate  and keep your thoughts apparent and also stay quiet.  
  8. Stay tranquil in addition to accumulated for the test.   Should you not understand one thing, tend not to worry about the idea in addition to get over it. This will likely cause you to be think well informed in addition to leave this test feeling just like you would well, as opposed to tensing in place along with leaving behind this assessment concerning.
  • For open-notes or perhaps open-book exams, analyze extensively anyway. This will likely make a person for additional tests as well as exams wherever you just aren’t allowed to employ notices, and also enables one to complete your test out more rapidly along with easier when you don’t have to search for anything inside ebook or maybe your own information.
  • Be optimistic. If you’re unfavorable and imagine you do not prosper, odds are you will execute the way you expect to.
  • Practice creating. Be sure to may compose fairly properly throughout some other scenarios to be able to show your ideas obviously.
  • Organize your records as well as study location. Maintaining prepared is likely to make learning a lesser amount of stressful in addition to do away with distractions.
  • Incorporate researching into your current day-to-day timetable. It truly is much easier for you to look at in excess of your notices regular in comparison with to help put beforehand.
  • Don’t stack if you possibly could avoid the item. It creates anxiety and frequently doesn’t help in keeping in mind the details down the road.
  • Form a study team. Understanding together with buddies can be be extremely beneficial.
  • Don’t duplicate records via pals or a book. Set these individuals directly into your individual terms in order that you realize you understand these individuals and may read all of them above in the future.
  • Never plagiarize. You will definately get caught and acquire throughout difficulties. It really is better to perform badly as compared to to get given zero credit ratings.


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RDX’s Chris Foot Featured on Expeditive’s Blog

Wed, 2015-09-16 06:26

RDX Vice President of Delivery Strategies and Technologies, Chris Foot, was recently interviewed by Expeditive as part of their Expert Interview program. You can read the interview here. Check it out, and let us know what you think!


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Creating a Database “War Room”: A Team of Remote DBAs

Tue, 2015-09-15 07:00

Any business can attest to how important their data is to the functions of their company; without it, everything comes to a halt. But what is sometimes overlooked are the individuals tasked with administering that data and its surrounding environments. In the worst of cases, a business experiences a catastrophic event, like a corrupted server, and slips into panic-mode as no one at the company knows how to correct the issue – or, the sole individual in charge of your databases can’t be reached. Businesses know they can’t afford to have this happen, but:

  • An in-house DBA team isn’t in the budget
  • And the current employee in charge of your data can only handle so much

24×7 database management services is what your business needs to avoid another critical event, but where can your business turn to get the database support needed to not only monitor and protect your data, but provide specialized expertise and solve critical issues with a “War Room Strategy”?

Database Administration Services

Plenty of businesses face the same struggles when trying to find a solution to the database management challenges plaguing them. Even for businesses with one or a handful of in-house DBAs, their expertise can only take them so far in an industry with so many platforms, processes, and best practices to follow. Dealing with day-to-day database administration, database monitoring, and critical issues that arise are time-consuming, often taking away an in-house DBA’s ability to properly work on other pressing activities, such as:

  • Strategic (global) improvements to the current architecture to increase the database environment’s performance, availability, security and usability
  • Participating in database application design, build and deployment projects – DBAs act as in-depth technical advisors to support business projects focused on increasing revenue or reducing the cost of goods/services sold
  • Leveraging advanced database features and technologies to improve future service
  • Additional high ROI projects which are oftentimes pushed back as day-to-day tasks take precedence

Many businesses are now outsourcing work handled by database administrators to companies specializing in remote database management, like RDX. Our remote DBAs can function in a couple of different ways:

  1. Your own full service DBA team handling 100% of your database administration needs – assuming complete responsibility for the security, performance, and improvement of your infrastructure.
  2. Remote database support specialists helping your internal team to juggle the daily and long-term tasks required to keep your database environment functioning as needed. The neglected responsibilities listed above can now be properly addressed with remote DBAs providing back-up to your in-house administrators.

Whether your internal team just needs some extra help, or our database administration services become the sole answer to monitoring, maintaining and protecting your critical data, your business will have 24×7 remote database support from a dedicated DBA team.

Experienced Remote DBAs for Your Business

When RDX becomes part of your team, the primary remote DBA on your account isn’t standing alone. A secondary DBA also assumes ownership of your environment and contributes to the ongoing maintenance, support and improvement of your databases. There’s always two points of contact who know everything about your organization’s database infrastructure and the best ways to grow it with your company.

At RDX, each remote DBA is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in a specific area, and the primary and secondary DBAs assigned to your account are the best match for your database needs. If your infrastructure requires frequent SQL server performance tuning and high availability, then the areas of expertise of your assigned DBAs will reflect those needs.

However, your environment’s needs are constantly changing, and the most crucial area of database support can turn at a moment’s notice. Database replication may be the most pressing issue one week, and the next week your infrastructure may be in need of an advanced security implementation – this is where access to our deep dive specialists comes into play. While your primary and secondary DBAs specialize in areas most relevant to your database needs, deep dive SMEs can quickly be pulled onto your account to provide expert advice and support in their own specialized areas. RDX has SMEs in all key areas of support – Highly Available (HA) architectures, database performance, SQL Statement tuning, security, and more – all of which are available to your infrastructure when needed.

Tap into the Collective Knowledge of our Remote Database Administrators

While your account has a primary and secondary DBA attached to it, there’s truly an army of support behind your data with RDX. Our remote DBAs never act alone, but as a unit that draws from the decades of experience handling vastly different accounts across a wide range of industries. Remote database management services from RDX never limit you to just the expertise of the primary and secondary remote DBAs handling your account on a day-to-day basis. From deep dive specialists to the remote DBA at an adjacent workstation, your primary and secondary DBAs have a team of experts to assist with any issue that arises.

Unlike the sole in-house DBA who can only draw from his own knowledge when a problem arises, the remote DBAs at RDX draw from the collective pool of experience across our offices. If a problem arises that one Database Administrator hasn’t dealt with, there’s a good chance they can find a quick solution with the help of one or more of their teammates; this is the IT “War Room Strategy” in effect. The culture at RDX revolves around working as a team – from sharing industry best practices amongst SQL Server DBAs to a group of Oracle DBAs staying late to ensure proper replication on one client’s server – we carry this team atmosphere to each environment we manage. Whether our clients use us as their full service DBA team or support for their own internal team, they have peace of mind knowing that the RDX Database “War Room” is on-hand to tackle any critical problems that occur.

Whether you’re in need of full remote DBA services or supplemental DBA support, RDX brings you the collective knowledge of dozens of database professionals to ensure your environment is maintained, supported and evolving with your business needs. To see how RDX’s remote DBA services can help you tackle today’s toughest data store challenges, contact us to speak with one of our qualified representatives.

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SQL Server- Move a Clustered Primary Key Index to a New Filegroup

Tue, 2015-09-08 09:17

In effort to clean up database environments, we as DBAs are often asked to either move tables to a different file group or to consolidate multiple filegroups and the number of database files into one. The recommended way of accomplishing this task is to drop and create a clustered index on the new filegroup; however, whenever the clustered index is also a primary key, this process becomes very inefficient and resource-intensive since we have to drop all of the foreign keys, the clustered primary key, and then recreate the clustered primary key and all of its dependencies.

Good news- We have a much more efficient way around all of this.

Let us look at the below example using the AdventureWorks database and the Currency table that has a clustered primary key index and foreign key dependencies.

We have the clustered primary key index PK_Currency_CurrentCode that we want to move to a new database file and filegroup.

To show this using AdventureWorks, we first need to create a new filegroup and a new database file on that filegroup.

USE [master]

USE [master]
ALTER DATABASE [AdventureWorks] ADD FILE ( NAME = N'AdventureWorks_SalesData', FILENAME = N'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL11.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA\AdventureWorks_SalesData.ndf' , SIZE = 131072KB , FILEGROWTH = 131072KB ) TO FILEGROUP [SALES]

Again, the typical way of doing this would involve dropping all of the foreign key dependencies, dropping the clustered primary key index, recreating the primary key index on the new file and filegroup, and then recreating and checking the foreign key dependencies.

USE [AdventureWorks]
ALTER TABLE [Sales].[CurrencyRate] DROP CONSTRAINT [FK_CurrencyRate_Currency_ToCurrencyCode]
ALTER TABLE [Sales].[CountryRegionCurrency] DROP CONSTRAINT [FK_CountryRegionCurrency_Currency_CurrencyCode]
ALTER TABLE [Sales].[CurrencyRate] DROP CONSTRAINT [FK_CurrencyRate_Currency_FromCurrencyCode]
ALTER TABLE [Sales].[Currency] DROP CONSTRAINT [PK_Currency_CurrencyCode]
	[CurrencyCode] ASC
ALTER TABLE [Sales].[CurrencyRate]  WITH CHECK ADD  CONSTRAINT [FK_CurrencyRate_Currency_ToCurrencyCode] FOREIGN KEY([ToCurrencyCode])
REFERENCES [Sales].[Currency] ([CurrencyCode])
ALTER TABLE [Sales].[CountryRegionCurrency]  WITH CHECK ADD  CONSTRAINT [FK_CountryRegionCurrency_Currency_CurrencyCode] FOREIGN KEY([CurrencyCode])
REFERENCES [Sales].[Currency] ([CurrencyCode])
ALTER TABLE [Sales].[CurrencyRate]  WITH CHECK ADD  CONSTRAINT [FK_CurrencyRate_Currency_FromCurrencyCode] FOREIGN KEY([FromCurrencyCode])
REFERENCES [Sales].[Currency] ([CurrencyCode])

As you can see, this is a lot of work. Instead, we can simply utilize the DROP_EXISTING option when creating the unique clustered index on the new filegroup. Also, we don’t need to bother with dropping all of the constraints and their dependencies on the table. The reason that drop/create is allowed on the index that is facilitating the PK constraint is due to the fact that we are not changing the index metadata; we are just moving it to a different storage location.

USE [AdventureWorks]
CREATE UNIQUE CLUSTERED INDEX [PK_Currency_CurrencyCode] ON [Sales].[Currency]
	[CurrencyCode] ASC

After the change, we can confirm that our index resides on the SALES filegroup we created while preserving all of the primary key and foreign key dependencies.

As you can see, we accomplished the same task by doing a fraction of the work. Hopefully this tip will help you save a lot of late night hours, as we all know this is not something we can do during business hours in a production environment.

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<p>How to write down some sort of Poem

Mon, 2015-09-07 08:12
How to write down some sort of Poem

Writing some sort of composition is focused on noticing the entire world inside or even all around anyone. Some sort of composition can be in relation to something, through love to your rusty entrance at the outdated plantation. Writing poems will let you be eloquent along with improve your current linguistic model. Nonetheless, it’s tough to find out exactly where you need to start off. Even though poems producing is definitely a proficiency that improves along with practice (just similar to every other sort of writing), we could possibly get an individual on course.

Part 1 regarding 3: Getting Creative
  1. Write a new Composition Action 1. jpg 1 Find the interest.   Any poetry may well begin to be a snippet connected with verse, possibly just a series as well as a couple of that generally seems to come out of nowhere fast, plus the rest from the composition need to have solely become written all around the idea. Here are some ways to produce sets off:
    • Play “Grand Thieves Beautifully constructed wording. ” Gather a number of textbooks connected with beautifully constructed wording by simply various creators of these studies, as well as produce 10 arbitrary poetry away on the internet. Subsequently aimlessly choose brand out of every poetry, seeking to concentrate solely for the 1st series the truth is rather than choosing the actual “best” one. Create most of these various traces down over a different little bit of papers, in addition to try and arrange these right coherent poem, or simply purchase The actual juxtaposition of a couple completely various outlines involving beautifully constructed wording may provide you with a thought to your own poetry.
    • Write along each of the keywords of which come to mind once you consider that will thought. Enable you to ultimately put  all  your thinking in phrases.
    • It may well noise difficult, but don’t be reluctant to tone of voice ones precise thoughts inside composition. Sensations tend to be precisely what create poetry, of course, if people sit about the emotions it is usually very easily sensed within the poem. Produce all of them down as soon as possible, and once you happen to be performed, go through the number to check out connections or maybe particular things that get a imaginative juices streaming.
    • Try to adjust to into a distinct world you would like to talk about. By way of example, if you need to reveal mother nature, attempt to visit a park your car or maybe a small do close by. The healthy landscapes might encourage a few lines, whether or not there’re definitely not best.
  2. Write any Poem Step 2. jpg 2 Read along with listen to beautifully constructed wording.   Acquire prompted by simply seeking out the effort connected with poets people admire. Explore a variety of works, from verses which have been extensively regarded as classics to be able to popular tune lyrics. While you connect to far more poetry, there are your cosmetic turning out to be additional shaped as well as sophisticated.
    • To prepare ones ear canal as well as fulfill like-minded individuals, go to poems readings (check the local school or bookstore’s work schedule intended for these kinds of, or maybe try to find events you can flow online).
    • Find a few of your preferred song lyrics and understand these people including beautifully constructed wording. There’s a chance you’re astonished with just how the idea says about the webpage, instead of being talked or maybe sung out loud.
  3. Write some sort of Poem Step 3. jpg 3 Think concerning what you look for to realize with all your composition.   Possibly you wish to write some sort of composition to mention the adore pertaining to he or she; possibly you want to commemorate some sort of destructive function; or simply you like to obtain a great “A” with your beautifully constructed wording or The english language class. Consider precisely why you’re writing your poem and also that your own meant viewers is usually, after which carry on as part of your writing consequently.  
  4. Write some sort of Poetry Step four. jpg 4 Decide which in turn beautifully constructed wording style accommodates your topic.   Quite a lot of unique lyrical designs.   1. As being a poet, you’ve a multitude of arranged sorts to choose from: limericks,   sonnets,   villanelles,   sestinas,   haiku … the list continues as well as about.
    • You may also tend to get away from variety permanently along with compose your composition with free of charge sentirse. As the selection may well not continually be while apparent because case preceding, the very best kind for the poem will usually manifest by itself throughout the creating procedure.
Part a couple of of 3: Permitting the actual Ingenuity Flow
  1. Write any Poem Action 5. jpg 1 Choose the best phrases.   The way to claimed that if some sort of story is “words within the greatest purchase, ” a poetry is usually “the  best  words and phrases from the greatest obtain. inch
    • Think on the phrases you employ while building blocks involving various sizes and shapes. Several phrases may suit with each other properly, and many won’t. You wish to preserve functioning at the composition and soon you have got designed a strong framework of words.
    • Use solely individuals phrases which are important, the ones that enhance the this means in the composition. Opt for the phrases thoroughly. This dissimilarities between identical sound phrases as well as synonyms can result in useful term engage in.
    • A computer  spreadsheet  these kinds of as  OpenOffice. org Calc, is incredibly effective with regard to rearranging words and phrases as well as checking beat via columns’ conjunction. Set just one syllable with every mobile. You’ll be able to shift the writing to a term processor regarding fancier stamping when you’re carried out.
    • If you might be looking to produce a rhyming poem, complete a few brainstorming for ones term selections. Right after selecting a theme, write some sort of brand regarding it. When the subsequent line does not rhyme with the line preceding, think about words and phrases in which rhyme with all the line’s previous word and variety a new sentence all around that. The trick is within your development on the word. You need to, disregard your own phrases all-around so they really however seem sensible however you end every series with a rhyme.
  2. Write any Poetry Phase 6. jpg 2 Use real imagery and stunning information.   Most poems interests this feelings (yes, plural) in some way, in order to guide the actual reader are more totally wrapped up inside the wording. Here are several items to consider when you find yourself constructing information.
    • Love, detest, pleasure: these are almost all summary concepts. Numerous (perhaps all) verses are generally, strong down, concerning feelings and also other abstractions. However, it’s tough to create a substantial poetry using only abstractions — it can be not fascinating. The key, next, is always to change or maybe boost abstractions using cement photographs, factors you can get pleasure from using your smells: a new rose, a new shark, or even a crackling hearth, for instance. The very idea of the  objective correlative  might be helpful. A target correlative is an subject, a number of objects, as well as a few functions (all real things) which bring to mind the particular sentiment or maybe perception of the actual poetry.
    • Really potent beautifully constructed wording not merely employs tangible pictures; what’s more, it identifies all of them vividly. Demonstrate your audience along with audience what exactly you will be speaking about — guide these phones feel the symbolism with the poem. Place in many “sensory” deals with. They’re words which summarize the things that anyone notice, notice, preference, feel, and odor, so the readers could determine making use of their personal expertise.
    • Give some situations rather than purely mental/intellectual points. As being a foolish example, consider “He made some sort of noisy sound”, compared to “He manufactured a new high decibel be understood as a hippo ingesting 100 stagnant pecan pies having steel teeth. “
  3. Write the Poetry Phase 7. jpg 3 Use poetic units to further improve your poem’s attractiveness and which means.   The actual most well known lyrical unit is usually rhyme. Rhyme could increase suspense for a traces, boost your that means, or help to make the poem much more cohesive. This may also allow it to become prettier. Tend not to running rhyme. It is just a offense.
    • If that you are opting for the actual rhyming course, there are three basic types available: your couplet, tercet, and ballad stanza.
      • The couplet is a pair of keyword phrases that all rhyme at their own conclude.
        This has to be couplet if the closing word is usually written.
        • Did anyone get in which meter?!
      • The tercet provides about three lines. 1 in addition to 2 rhyme, seeing that carry out 4 and 5, 3 and also 6. Just as,

        “My doggy includes a toy,
        it has a resemblance to the young man.
        A young man using the dark coloured glasses.

        His super scar
        can be viewed through afar
        and gee, may he or she adore molasses. “

      • A ballad stanza’s 2nd and last wrinkles rhyme. As an example:

        Hey, I just now achieved you
        And this can be crazy
        But and here is my own number
        So, telephone us maybe?

    • Other graceful equipment include things like meter, metaphor, assonance, alliteration, in addition to duplication. Unless you know what these are, you might like to look in any beautifully constructed wording publication as well as lookup the online world. Poetic units could generate a poetry, or perhaps, as long as they take too much attention to them selves, may destroy it.
  4. Write any Composition Phase 8. jpg 4 Add a “turn” on the conclusion with the poetry.   Save your valuable strongest message or even awareness for your finish of one’s poem. One more collection is usually to some sort of poem what a strike brand should be to a joke — something which evokes the emotive answer. Required reader a thing to take into consideration, some thing to help dwell in after reading your own poem.
    • Resist your craving to describe that; let the reader turn into operating with all the poetry inside developing an awareness of one’s expertise or perhaps communication.
    • Avoid your good sense you’re ending generally there even though you happen to be lacking ideas. Conclusion with a powerful level, and leave the readers contemplating.
Part 3 involving 3: Taking The item for you to Life
  1. Write some sort of Poetry Move 9. jpg 1 Listen in your poetry.   Although many buyers are actually come across poetry merely with published form, poetry seemed to be mainly an oral art work pertaining to a large number of a long time, and also the sound of a poetry continues to be significant. While you create and also change ones poem, go through it out loud and listen to how this looks.
    • A poem’s central framework generally concentrates on  groove,   rhyme, or perhaps each. Think about vintage types like  sonnets  and  Greek epics  pertaining to creativity.
    • A great deal of talked English is dependant on iambic pentameter, by which talk employs the changing design associated with harassed along with unstressed syllables for a total connected with 10 syllables. Plenty of poems written with iambic pentameter, for instance in which connected with Shakespeare, begins through an unstressed, one-syllable word for example “an” or even “the” to begin your alternating structure.
    • This is actually in which poems may become tunes. It really is much easier to locate a beat pertaining to frequent meter, therefore probably you intend to slice terms out and about or placed several in to get the very same number of syllables inside every single range. Memorize the item. If you imagine it, then maybe someone else will certainly discover it and think it?s great prior to this is a music.
  2. Write a new Composition Stage 10. jpg 2 Edit the composition.   When the simple poem will be prepared, set the item aside intended for some time then read the composition out loud for you to your self. Experience the item as well as stability the choice associated with terms using the beat. Remove unnecessary terms along with substitute photos that is not operating.
    • Some people modify some sort of poetry in a short time, and some come back to the item again and again as time passes.
    • Don’t be afraid in order to spin if many perhaps the poetry isn’t working. A few poetry have collections of which simply tend not to communicate core part well, and will always be swapped out.
  3.   3 Share your projects.   It may be hard in order to judge your individual do the job, therefore get ess accomplished a preliminary edit, try to acquire some close friends or a poetry party (there are loads online) to check out ones poem for you personally. You possibly will not including all their ideas, and you won’t have to get any one them, yet you might find a number of insight that could create your current poem greater.
    • Feedback is usually very good. Cross your composition all-around, and enquire your buddies for you to critique work. Actually tell them to be honest, whether or not it’s unpleasant.
    • Never apologize for your work as it’s being critiqued, along with concentrate rather in enjoying your views of your viewers. Filtration their particular responses, heeding and ignoring, next change since you discover in shape.
    • Offer to help evaluate the project involving other people, also. Featuring another individual responses on their do the job can help you develop a crucial eye, which you’ll want to apply at your function.
  • Avoid clich? ohydrates or maybe overused photographs. “The entire world can be your oyster” is nor a brilliant not a genuine observation.
  • Do not really prevent your feelings when composing, test to jot down no matter what involves your brain then place it collectively.
  • Solve poet’s prohibit simply by having a new notebook (some people phone them Living Books) along everywhere you go, with that you can jot down composition thoughts while they arrived at anyone. Creative ideas will not constantly affect at most suitable situations. Then, as you seek to post, escape the particular portable computer in order to find a thought of which catches the expensive.
  • Emotion is often a major portion of poems. In the event some type of sentiment isn’t intertwined while using the poem, it truly is like anyone confronted your muse from gunpoint. Your readers probably will look out of your own forced energy.
  • When an individual commence composing poetry, or perhaps employ a firm  it might help to write just one “subject-word” in the heart of the page (“Love, inch with regard to instance), and to consider terms related with all the “subject-word” (“friendship” or even “happiness”). Whenever you accomplish this before you generate your own poem, an individual have already the footing associated with phrases you can use. That is of true importance to beginners.
  • If you would like other folks to learn to read ones poetry, ask yourself “If someone else exhibited me that, would I favor it? ” In the event the remedy is actually “no, ” continue touch-ups the actual composition.
  • Don’t frustrate on your own simply by also constantly discussing work using those who do not enjoy poetry. That is a mistake that could suppress people coming from as being a poet. It’s hard to spell out that you’ll be simply striving your current hand from a thing brand-new. The great thing to complete is usually consult someone supporting (who furthermore transpires to appreciate this artwork with the written word) in order to generously assess a person.
  • Try to take a rest once in a while. It truly is helpful in order to invest in a stroll and gather your thoughts.
  • Be relaxed  any time writing. Try and commence obtaining tips if you get a abrupt upturn of experience. Often times, that will allow you to start.
  • Your poetry need not rhyme on a regular basis. Even a write off passage poem could be going in addition to beautiful.


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SQL Server Performance Tuning- Eliminating Key Lookups

Tue, 2015-09-01 08:19

Recently, I had reports from one of my clients that many users were experiencing slowness. While investigating, I found the root cause to be a key lookup on a single function execution, completely unrelated to the activities being performed by the users. A key lookup can be a costly operation that requires additional I/O and ultimately negatively impacts performance. As we all know, the disk subsystem is the slowest part of our environments, so eliminating key lookups when you can and decreasing the amount of I/O will have a positive impact on performance.

A key lookup occurs when all of the data from a query is not found in a non-clustered index, causing a bookmark lookup on the clustered index.

Let us look at the below example query and the query plan from it:

FROM AdventureWorks2012.HumanResources.Employee
WHERE LoginID = 'adventure-works\dan1'

When we look at the query and plan, we can see that our filtering on LoginID is using the non-clustered index, AK_Employee_LoginID, but the column we are returning in JobTitle is not included and causing a key lookup on the clustered index, PK_Employee_BusinessEntityID.

If we review the properties of the Key Lookup operator, we can further confirm this, by looking at the Output list.

Now, how do we address this key lookup? By creating a non-clustered index that will include all of the columns needed to satisfy the entire query and eliminate the key lookup, also known as a covering index.

Let us look at the existing non-clustered index that is already being used for a portion of our query, AK_Employee_LoginID.

We can see the index is on the LoginID column with no included columns. Now, if we add the columns from our Output list to the included columns of this existing index, we can satisfy our entire query.

CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [AK_Employee_LoginID] ON [HumanResources].[Employee] ([LoginID] ASC) INCLUDE ([JobTitle])

Now by making changes to our index, we can see from the below execution plan that we have eliminated our key lookup.

FROM AdventureWorks2012.HumanResources.Employee
WHERE LoginID = 'adventure-works\dan1'

In conclusion, by creating covering indexes using the columns in the Output list, we can eliminate costly key lookups and improve performance.

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SQL Server Job- Invalid Job Owner

Tue, 2015-08-25 07:21

Did you ever have one of those déjà vu moments when you are working in SQL Server and you swore you already addressed an issue? This has happened to all of us, and working in SQL Server every day, I’ve certainly had my fair share of SQL déjà vu.

One of those moments came after I received an alert that one of my maintenance plan jobs failed on a client’s server, and I noticed that they had the job owner set to an employee who doesn’t work there anymore. I had come to find out that in between the last successful run of the job and it failing, the client removed the user from their Active Directory. Depending on the edition of SQL Server, the output of the error will look similar to the error in the image below, but all the errors basically state that the job failed because of an invalid job owner.

I did what I’m supposed to do as a DBA and set the job owner to ‘sa.’ I informed the client that the job was fixed, and there shouldn’t be any more problems. Right…?


A couple of weeks later, I received another alert for a failed job. I logged into SQL Server to look at the error, and the job failed because the owner reverted back to the former employee. Am I going crazy? I remember I definitely changed the job owner to ‘sa.’

After doing some research, I found that there is a bug on SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008R2 that changes a job owner of a maintenance plan job back to the maintenance plan owner that is stored in MSDB every time the maintenance plan is changed and saved.

In order to ensure that you never run into this issue again, you need to change the job owner as well as the maintenance plan owner to ‘sa.’ I’ve included the syntax below for each edition of SQL Server. All you have to do is run the SELECT statement to find the name of your maintenance plan and replace the string in the WHERE clause of the UPDATE with the name of your maintenance plan.

SQL Server 2005


FROM sysdtspackages90
UPDATE sysdtspackages90
SET ownersid = 0x01

SQL Server 2008 & SQL Server 2008R2


FROM sysssispackages
UPDATE sysssispackages
SET ownersid = 0x01

Thank you for reading.

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The Future of IT Staffing- People vs. Robots

Thu, 2015-08-20 07:21

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The Increasing Complexity of the IT Tech Stack Will Drive the Need for Robotic Automation

I’ve been involved in database technologies for 20 years now. During that time, I have read numerous prognostications from various industry pundits proclaiming that the next release of so-and-so database would be so simple to administer that the product would no longer require DBAs for support.  Replace “database” with any technology, and you’ll find that the same industry mantra occurs.

I’m still waiting for the administrator-less database.

During my tenure in the IT field, I’ve found the following equation to be true:

 a New Features
+ New Functionality
+ New Products
+ New Technologies
+ New Architectures
+ New Business Challenges
= Increased IT Support Complexity

Although databases have become easier to administer, each new release of the database product RDX supports contains a host of new features and functionality.  Database vendors know that they must add new features to be competitive.  A competitive marketplace forces all software vendors to maximize their product’s feature set.

New technology architectures and products designed to solve a business or technical problem or improve operations are unveiled on a seemingly weekly basis.  I intended to rattle off a dozen or so disruptive, industry-changing technologies that have originated over the last few years, but any list I generate would not include all technologies that will have a significant impact on IT operations.  Plus, we all have our own opinion on what the most important, disruptive technologies will be.

What all IT professionals would agree upon is the statement below:

We understand that the only constant in the IT profession – is change itself.

We know that this continuous explosion of new technologies will never stop and that increasingly restrictive time constraints faced by many IT support personnel prevent them from analyzing, selecting, implementing and administering them.  IT professionals need solutions that reduce the amount of time they spend maintaining current systems to allow them to focus on improving future service.

Process automation, although having a wide range of application, has the common goal of replacing human activities with technology to reduce cost and improve the quality of repetitive processes. For information technology departments, the goal will be to deploy robots to reduce the amount of time humans spend on repetitive, mundane, low ROI activities.

Process automation will allow IT personnel to use that extra time to improve business operations, think strategically, plan, innovate and deal with the ever-increasing rise in information technology complexity.

Additionally, process automation will allow IT departments to use the capabilities and strengths that robotic processes provide to fully leverage the benefits of their human counterparts- benefits that cannot be provided by robotic processes.

Unlike manufacturing’s deployment of automation to totally replace humans:

The relationship between humans and robots in the IT space will be harmonious, interdependent and collaborative – not competitive.

IT professionals will interact with increasingly intelligent robotic processes as they would with any technology designed to support their needs.  Here’s a quick example from RDX’s own automation project.  We support hundreds of mission-critical database environments.  When a problem occurs, it is our responsibility to absolutely resolve it as quickly as possible. Every minute counts.

RDX’s robotic processes automate the collection of diagnostic information required to perform problem analysis. The robots either solve the problem on their own or interact with RDX human support personnel. The key to faster problem resolution is to reduce the amount of time collecting diagnostic data and spend that time analyzing it.  Robotic processes can collect the diagnostic data far more quickly than their human counterparts.  RDX’s support personnel use their historical and collective knowledge, ability to analyze, creativity (thinking outside of the box) and innovation to solve the problem.  This cooperative, interdependent human/robotic interaction allows RDX to reduce our Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR).

Benefits of Humans

  • Creativity, thinking outside of the box
  • Planning
  • Easily adapt to changing inputs and external influences
  • Ability to quickly analyze conditions with complex intersecting rules
  • Natural curiosity
  • Collective knowledge, group problem solving
  • Ability to identify key facets of information from large, varied input sets
  • Social and cultural understanding

Benefits of Robotic Processes

  • Consistency – Repetitive tasks are performed with no deviation. Less deviation = higher quality
  • Speed of execution
  • Scalability – Build the robotic process once and deploy as needed
  • Provide the ability to leverage pockets of tribal, operational knowledge by capturing, standardizing and embedding that expertise in robotic automations

Future IT Departments will Consist of Both Humans and Robots

As I stated in a previous article, a competitive market arena will continue to accelerate the features and functionality provided by automation products. As the offerings mature, they will become more robust, more intelligent and more cost effective.

As a result, the set of activities assigned to humans and robots will be fluid in nature.  As more activities are assigned to robots, their human counterparts’ roles will continue to evolve.   Robots will free IT professionals to focus on strategic activities that only humans can perform.  Robots will not replace us; they will allow us to analyze, implement and administer increasingly complex technology architectures.  Architectures that solve business problems, increase competitive advantage, improve decision making and reduce the cost of doing business.

That is a good thing for technology professionals and the business operations we support.






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SQL Server – List Row Count for all Tables and Find Largest Table in a Database

Wed, 2015-08-19 06:48

As a database administrator, I have encountered many occurrences in which a business user has asked to provide the number of rows for tables within a database. If you haven’t been asked yet, I’m sure the time will come. When it does, I have a script that you can add to your toolbox that will allow you to fulfill the request!

This script returns the schema name, table name, whether the table is a heap or has a clustered index, and row count for every table within a database.

SELECT sch.NAME AS 'Schema'
	,tab.NAME AS 'Table'
		WHEN par.INDEX_ID = 0
			THEN 'Heap'
		WHEN par.INDEX_ID = 1
			THEN 'Clustered Index'
		END AS 'Index Type'
	,SUM(par.rows) AS 'Rows'
FROM sys.tables tab
INNER JOIN sys.partitions par ON tab.OBJECT_ID = par.OBJECT_ID
INNER JOIN sys.schemas sch ON tab.SCHEMA_ID = sch.SCHEMA_ID

Below is the result set returned when the script is run against AdventureWorks2012.

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Not only can you quickly capture table row counts with this script, you can also identify heaps (tables without clustered indexes).

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How to Use Project-Level Parameters

Wed, 2015-08-12 06:23

SQL Server 2012 introduced a feature called project parameters. Of course, like many other developers, I was stuck on not fixing something that was not broken. Over time, I learned that project parameters are very beneficial features to use, especially when moving a package from DEV to QA and finally to PROD. Let’s take a quick look at how to set up package parameters and how to use them to manipulate connection strings at runtime.

First, we want to open a blank SSIS solution and navigate to the solution explorer. The solution explorer has a top-level folder which is the name of your solution. In my example, it’s called PackageConfig. Right below that, you will see a little bluish colored icon with the name Project.params:


This is where all the fun starts. You’re going to make your first project parameters file from here. Right click on Project.params and click open. I bet this screen looks really familiar! It looks just like your variables pane in SSDT.


Next , you are going to create an entry. So click the “ADD PARAMETER” button at the top left corner of the Project.params designer view. Let’s configure a local connection string. Name your parameter. Make your data type a string and enter in the connection string variable. I would mark the parameter as required, as it’s your main connection string in your package. Also, give it a good description so that you know what it is for. Here is a screen shot of mine below:

Next, you want to save the file. You can click the Save icon or go to File and then click on Save. Once you have it saved, we want to create a regular connection string to the target source. Once this is done, we are going to make some changes, and you will see how we configure the connection to use the project-level connection string parameter that we just built.

My connection manager now looks like this:

The next step is to right click on that created connection string and click on Parameterize. SSDT will do all the work for you now. You don’t even have to change the properties to evaluate the expression. NICE!!!!!

When the Parameterized GUI opens, make sure your property is set to ConnectionString. Then click “Use Existing Parameter” and navigate to the project-level parameter that you created a few steps back. It should similar to the screenshot below with your own naming convention.

Click ok. Now your Connection Manager icon should have an additional little box below noting that there is an expression that is evaluated on the connection.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Now manipulating this connection string to look at QA instead of DEV is easy. All we have to do is manipulate the file that was built for the project parameters. Here is how to get the file location. Right click on Project.params in the solution explorer and go to Properties. There is a full path entry that tells you where your parameter file is located. Navigate to the file and open it. Here you will see a series of XML tags. In your SSIS Property Tag you will see an entry for “VALUE.” Here you can manipulate your target connection string to be your QA Server.

I advise you to make sure your database is present on the target server, change LocalHost to being the QA Server name and then save the file. Now you are done, and next time the package runs at runtime, it will use the changes you made in the project-level configuration file. No more making multiple copies of the same package and manually making connection string changes or using other methods like using tables to store connection strings or config files. Project-level parameters also come in handy when you have multiple packages in the same project that utilize the same connection strings. They eliminate the need for you to manage multiple package connection managers and put all the management in one place.

I encourage everyone to stay tuned for more TIPS to come in the near future.

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SQL Server – Cluster Network Name Resource ‘SQL Network Name’ Failed to Create Its Associated Computer Object in Domain

Thu, 2015-08-06 09:50

A frequent issue that I’ve encountered while performing an installation of a SQL Server failover cluster is “The cluster resource ‘SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER)’ could not be brought online due to an error bringing the dependency resource ‘SQL Network Name (SQL2012CLS)’ online.”  Upon checking the cluster events in the Failover Cluster Manager, you will find the below error.

Cluster network name resource ‘SQL Network Name (SQL2012CLS)’ failed to create its associated computer object in domain ‘AD.DOMAINNAME.ORG’ for the following reason: Resource online.

The associated error code is: -1073741790

Please work with your domain administrator to ensure that:

– The cluster identity ‘WIN2012CLS$’ can create computer objects. By default, all computer objects are created in the ‘Computers’ container; consult the domain administrator if this location has been changed.

– The quota for computer objects has not been reached.

– If there is an existing computer object, verify the Cluster Identity ‘ WIN2012CLS$’ has ‘Full Control’ permission to that computer object using the Active Directory Users and Computers tool.

The cause to this error is that the ‘SQL2012CLS’ was not created, or properly “pre-staged,” within AD, and ‘WIN2012CLS’ doesn’t possess the required permissions to create the object.

In a cluster, the SQL Server Database Engine is dependent upon the SQL Server Network Name resource, so a failure in the Network Name will result in a failure in the SQL Server resource.

There are two resolutions to this issue.

One resolution is a preventative action that can be done prior to beginning the installation of the SQL Server Failover Cluster, and the other resolution is reactionary to the issue experienced during installation to be able to continue. Both resolutions require access and permissions to AD.

The resolution that will prevent this issue on future installations is to “pre-stage” the VCO.

  • Log in as a user with permissions to create computer objects in the domain.
  • Under Active Directory Users and Computers, create a “New Computer” object within the desired AD Container for the VCO (this will be your SQL Server Network Name).
  • Once the object has been created, you can then add the CNO (this will be your WSFC Name) to the security of the VCO with “Full Control” over the VCO.

To achieve the resolution that will be reactive for your current errors, you need to grant the proper permissions to the CNO.

  • Log in as a user with administrative permissions in the domain.
  • Under Active Directory Users and Computers, grant the CNO (this will be your WSFC Name) “Create Computer Objects” permissions.

After doing this, you can retry your previously failed installation, and it should be successful. To verify if this issue was corrected, you can navigate within the SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) Cluster group and attempt to bring the Server Name resource online. If the resource is able to be brought online successfully, your issue is resolved.

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A Day in the Life of a Remote DBA

Wed, 2015-08-05 09:30

For most, walking into the office and grabbing that first cup of coffee signals the start to the workday. But for the team of remote DBAs at RDX, their job never truly stops. They’ll attest that it comes with the territory; that providing 24×7 database administration services requires them to always be in tune with the environments they manage. When you’re responsible for critical data stores, the typical 9am-5pm doesn’t quite cut it.

24/7 Monitoring Alerts

The start to any day for an RDX remote DBA begins with checking email (oftentimes, right after the morning alarm goes off). Alerts from the 24×7 Database Operations Center regarding problems that have occurred overnight will need to be added to the day’s priority list. These could include any potentially failed backups, limited drive space, reports that aren’t firing, or any other database issues that our monitoring agents have identified.

The monitoring team at RDX takes care of the time-consuming, daily database tasks so our remote DBAs are able to focus on higher-level projects occurring in each client account. With the information provided by the monitoring team, a day’s work can begin to be prioritized.

Prioritizing DBA Work & Database Maintenance Tasks

Prioritization and organization are the keys to a successful day. With multiple clients to manage per DBA, identifying critical tasks for immediate completion while also allotting time to work with customers to enhance and improve the efficiency and performance of their database environments are daily priorities. Once tasks have been prioritized, the DBA manager is notified of tasks that an individual DBA will be working on for that day.

From there, any database maintenance issues stemming from recent monitoring notifications are addressed. For example, if data backups failed from the previous night on a specific Oracle or SQL database, the primary DBA corrects the issue, and the client is notified of the solution implemented. Once immediate issues have been corrected, remote DBAs begin preparing for any upcoming client meetings.

Client Meetings

Prepping for any scheduled meetings each day is dependent on what the client values. For clients concerned with daily performance, snapshots of current metrics as well as any requested reports are discussed. For clients concerned with the long-term functionality of their environment, meetings revolve around recent progress and upcoming to-dos on the projects at hand.

In short, the remote DBAs at RDX function as integral parts of our clients’ teams and tailor not only meetings, but also methods of contact to each client’s preferences. Text messages, phone calls, and emails are promptly responded to by the primary or secondary DBA on an account, so no one is ever in the dark regarding their critical data.

Ticket Requests / Long-Term DBA Projects

As meetings progress throughout the day, DBAs are continuing to work on prioritized tasks and long-term projects for each account. A ticket deadline could be approaching that requests administering index improvements for a SQL database, and before lunch is the best time to handle this task to ensure it’s completed ahead of schedule. While finishing this task, a new ticket may appear in a DBA’s inbox that’s a quick request for setting up security and permissions for new users needing access to a database. Small tasks like this are typically handled immediately.

An account’s primary remote DBA takes care of quick-fix issues as soon as possible; and if the primary DBA is handling a critical issue at the moment, the task is handed to the secondary DBA to complete. With each account having a primary and secondary DBA (as well as the ability to draw from an entire team of DBAs), immediate requests from clients are always handled quickly and efficiently.

During the afternoon, a DBA is continuing to balance meetings, ticket requests, and also long-term projects/planning for the environments they manage. Our DBAs may be working on a major migration from 2005 SQL Servers to 2012 SQL Servers for a particular client and designate time in the afternoon to work on data backup and restoration to keep this project moving forward. The prioritization done at the beginning of each day continues to be adjusted and dictates the work being completed.

Assisting Fellow DBAs

The team-oriented atmosphere at RDX fosters an environment of knowledge sharing and mentoring. Throughout the day, DBAs will act as mentors or receive training from their fellow team members. Remote DBAs understand that their customers are not buying the services of a single technician; they are buying the collective knowledge of an entire team of database support professionals. Knowledge sharing is an integral part of the service delivery philosophy and each DBA dedicates time daily to learning and teaching others. It’s this team atmosphere that allows RDX DBAs to keep the environments they manage ahead of the curve as well as efficiently deal with critical issues when they arise.

Dealing with Critical Issues

It’s no secret in any industry that unforeseen problems can occur, but being adequately prepared to deal with them ensures efficiency. Before leaving work, a DBA could be notified that a subscriber server has been corrupted. It may require staying late, but critical issues are always dealt with immediately, and our DBAs work tirelessly until the issue is fixed. Even for issues that arise late at night, our 24×7 Database Operations Center will put you in contact with an experienced, on-call DBA who works to correct any critical issues occurring after hours.

After reconfiguring the corrupted database, ensuring its replication, and confirming the database is functioning properly, the day can begin to come to a close. But if you ask any of our remote DBAs, it’s never truly over. Keeping up with emails, requests, and industry news never stops just because they’ve left the office. It’s all part of being a database administrator and making sure their clients’ environments are performing efficiently.

If you’re wondering how remote DBA services can help your business tackle today’s database management challenges, please contact us to speak with a qualified representative. We’re focused on reducing your database administration costs, while monitoring, maintaining, and protecting your data stores.

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The Non-Technical Art of Being a Successful IT Professional – Excelling at Verbal and Written Communications

Tue, 2015-08-04 08:56

One, out of many, criteria we use to evaluate candidates for positions at RDX (Remote DBA Experts) is their communication skills. Because we are a remote services provider, our ability to have “face-to-face” communications with our customers is somewhat limited. Most of the communications that occur are through e-mails, ticket comments and conference calls.

As a result, it is critical that all professionals who join our organization possess more than just high-quality technical skills. They have to be able to communicate effectively to our customers, or they will not have a successful career with us.

However, possessing excellent communication skills is not just limited to technicians who work for remote services providers. The importance of improving your communication skills cannot be understated. I don’t care how strong of a technician you are, if you can’t communicate effectively with your peers, you won’t be able to succeed in this profession. In the old days, you might have been able to get by with just your technical skills. That is definitely not the case in today’s business world.

In a recent interview with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet at the University of Nebraska, Buffet was asked what one piece of advice he would give to others wanting to be successful. He stated that students “should polish their public speaking skills.”

Take a look at your last performance appraisal forms. I’m betting that a lot of the criteria you are being judged upon focus on communications. The key words and phrases to look for are “ability to work in a team environment,” “keeps supervisors informed,” “maintains good communication with the user community,” “ensures the content of the communication is at the appropriate level for the intended audience” and “provides system and user documentation for projects and system enhancements.”

So, let me get off my soapbox and get to the topic at hand. How exactly do you improve upon your verbal and written communications? If you don’t have good communication skills, all is not lost. Like anything else, these skills can be learned.

Improving Written Communications
Have you ever read a document or email that was so poorly written that you had a hard time understanding what the writer was trying to convey? Maybe the document or email contained numerous spelling and grammatical errors. What was your opinion of the author? Not good, I’ll bet. Whether we like it or not, we will be continuously judged upon our written communications throughout our careers. From entry-level to CEO, you will be judged on the words you write.

You’ll find that my recommendations on verbal and written communications have a common theme. They focus on formal education, gaining experience and best practices.

Formal Classroom Education
Universities, colleges and high schools all offer adult night classes. You will be able to find a local educational institution that offers classes on effective writing skills or public speaking. I still have a couple of my college textbooks on my desk that I still use as references.

Books and Websites
You need the tools of the trade to write effectively. As I stated previously, I still use a few of my aging college textbooks as references. I also have Anne Stillman’s book appropriately titled Grammatically Correct: The Writer’s Essential Guide to Punctuation, Spelling, Style, Usage and Grammar. This is the book I refer to about 90% of the time when I am attempting to improve my grammar, spelling and punctuation.

I also visit one website regularly when I write. If you hop on to your browser of choice and navigate to or, you will go to the same website. This very helpful website allows me to quickly find definitions, synonyms and antonyms. If I want to obtain information specifically on grammatical rules and concepts, I’ll visit the Guide to Grammar and Writing website. The numerous drop-down lists allow me to quickly navigate to the topic I am looking for.

You can also take advantage of Microsoft’s spelling and grammar checker tools in Word. You will need to be careful with some of the recommendations. Use Anne Stillman’s book or the Guide to Grammar and Writing website as a reference if you suspect that the Microsoft tool’s recommendation is incorrect.

Obtaining Assistance from Accomplished Writers
When I first started working in a corporate environment, over 25 years ago now, my writing skills were terrible. Luckily, I had a manager that understood the importance of both verbal and written communications. I would write a memo, she would correct it with her red pen and send it back to me for a rewrite. Many of them had a “Nice Try!” and a smiley face on top. Even though all of the rewrites (and smiley faces) were somewhat exasperating, her persistence forced me to become a better writer.

It’s relatively easy to find fellow technicians who excel at written communications. Think about all of the emails and documents that come across your desk on a daily basis. You can read the content and also review the text for ease-of-reading and grammatical style. Find the folks who are good at written communications and ask for their input. I think you’ll find that most of your requests will be warmly received.

Practice Makes Perfect
Like public speaking, the more you write, the better you’ll get. That’s one of the benefits of writing articles, blogs, books, etc…. It keeps your skills sharp.

You also can become involved with company newsletters and related communications. When I first started my quest to become a better writer, I took on as many writing tasks as possible. When I asked to join a newsletter, I always started the conversation with “I’m not the greatest writer, but I’m trying to learn.” I also asked my peers who worked on the newsletter to critique my work. The more I was critiqued, and the more I plugged away at writing, the better I became.

Improving Verbal Communications
We have all heard that speaking in front of an audience is the number one fear for most folks, surpassing both financial and health problems. Let me give you a couple of hints and tips that have helped me throughout my career.

Toastmasters International
I cannot recommend this organization highly enough. Toastmasters International is a non-profit organization that focuses on improving communication and leadership skills. Toastmasters is also a great place to network and advance your career (it makes for an impressive bullet on your resume).

Toastmasters International consists of hundreds of Toastmasters Clubs that are governed by a Board of Directors that is elected by Toastmaster members. The Toastmaster website provides a search function that allows visitors to find nearby clubs. If you want to learn how to speak effectively in public, do yourself a favor and search for the clubs in your area. I think that you will be surprised at how many clubs there are.

You are not only taught the skills you need, but you are also provided with the opportunity to showcase your new found talents by giving speeches to fellow members. The key benefit of speaking at Toastmasters is that you are giving speeches to others in a supportive environment. Everyone there wants to improve their communication and leadership skills.

Formal Classroom Education
It would be a rare event indeed if you found an institution of higher learning that didn’t provide classes on public speaking. If you are attending school to obtain that next degree, you need to make sure one, or more, of those classes pertains to verbal communications. Many colleges offer adult education curriculum at night. Review the night class curriculum for local colleges. I would be surprised if you didn’t find one or two classes on public speaking.

Amazon’s rating system makes it easy to select books on public speaking. Do a search and check out the reviews. Two of my favorites are The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking by Dale Carnegie and Presentation Skills 201: How to Take it to the Next Level as a Confident, Engaging Presenter by William R. Steele. Amazon carries both of these books in stock.

Personal Recommendations
Here’s a quick list of recommendations that have helped me improve my own public speaking skills:

When you attend presentations from others, pay attention to both the material the speaker is presenting and how they present it. I once saw a representative from Microsoft give a presentation on their new operating system to a group of 700 people. By the end of his speech, he had the entire audience “high-fiving” each other on a regular basis. I thought to myself, “he generated this much enthusiasm over a new release of an operating system?” I stayed right where I was and watched him give the presentation to a second group of 600 with the same result. The second time I paid close attention to his presentation style and stage mannerisms. I’m not saying that you should attempt to clone your presentation style from a particular speaker, but you can improve your own communication skills by learning from accomplished speakers.

The more you speak in front of an audience, the better you will become. Absolutely, positively “practice makes perfect” in this case. Start your public speaking career by starting with a small audience. Maybe you know a particular database feature or a tip or trick that you think your fellow technicians may benefit from. Invite them to a meeting, create a presentation and present it! Work your way up to larger audiences. Join local users groups and ask if they would allow you to give a presentation. When I was speaking regularly, every time there was a call for presentations from a user group, I would submit several presentations.

I have found that the more prepared I am, the less I am affected by anxiety before and during a speech. I always present a speech to myself, my wife or my dogs numerous times before I give the speech in public. The more times I do it, the more confident I become.

I always visit the room in which I am going to speak. It makes me more comfortable when the time comes to stand up in front of the audience. I also stand right in the middle of the aisle and introduce myself to as many participants as I can. It helped me to feel more comfortable when I step up on stage.

IT shops are no longer evaluating technicians purely on their technical skills. They will now evaluate you on the total package of technical and soft skills you bring to the table. We all know the importance that our technical skill sets have upon our success in this field, but you also need to be well-rounded in all of the skill sets your managers are looking for.

Thanks for reading,

Chris Foot- Oracle Ace
Vice President – Delivery Strategies and Technologies

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