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Robert Baillie

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16 years Oracle and counting. 10 years XP and laughing! A view on eXtreme Programming, PHP with Oracle and software rollout that actually works
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Gamification to level 80

Fri, 2014-01-31 04:14
Since the end of July last year I've been test driving one of the latest online tools that hopes to change your life by giving you the ability to store your task lists. Wow. What could be more underwhelming, and less worthy of a blog post? Well, this one is different.  This one takes some of the huge amount of thinking on the behaviour of "millenials" and "Generation Y", adds a big dose of social context and ends up with something quite spectacular. This is the gamification of task lists, this is experience points and levelling up, buying armour and using potions, this is World of Warcraft where the grinding is calling your mam, avoiding junk food or writing a blog post. This is HabitRPG.The concept is simple, you manage different styles of task lists.If you complete entries on them you get experience points and coins.If you fail to do entries them you lose hit points. Depending on on whether you're setting yourself realistic targets and completing them you either level up, or...