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Bradley D. Brown - TUSC
Updated: 20 hours 52 min ago

Why is Your Data, Your Brand, Your Customers Important (to you)?

Mon, 2014-09-01 22:10
We often talk about how the data is yours, but what does that mean?We mean what we say.  We don't mix words.  We don't spin words.  It's plain and simple, the data is yours.  The data about who bought what, who watched what, who owns which products, etc. - it's all yours...not ours.  We can't send your customers an email (unless it's from you telling them thank you for their purchase or upselling them).  We can't sell your data to others.  If you want your data, we'll send you your data.  There are no strings attached.
We talk about how we help you maintain your brand, but why is that important?Sure, you can (and might want to) put your video products into a marketplace like iTunes or Amazon. When you do this, it's no longer your branding, your look and feel, your customer or your sales - it's theirs.  If I were to put my technical training courses such as my iPhone training into iTunes, when someone searched for iPhone training - once they found my training, they could easily get distracted by others offering iPhone training.  However, when they come to my InteliVideo site, they will see my content, marketing message and exactly what I want them to see - not 100 offers for iPhone training.
We talk about how customers are your customers, but why is that important to you?It's important to you because you want to sell future products to your customers.  You will likely want to upsell your customers.  You will likely want to minimize communication to your customers so that when you target them, you're successful.  It's your customer list to do with as you wish.  This should be important to you.  You WILL NOT get this in a marketplace.

Geo What?

Fri, 2014-08-29 23:54
You might hear the term geo something from time to time.  Geospatial is the full word, which means data associated with a particular location.  A location in the world can be identified by a latitude and longitude number.

Maybe you heard the terms geo blocking and/or geo white lists.  Geo blocking means that you want to block a specific location in the world.  A geo white lists would mean that someone only wants to allow specific locations (or areas) in the world to have access.  In other words, you allow access to everyone unless blocked or you can deny access to everyone unless you allow access to a location.

Geo Blocking Example
Let's say you have a deal where you have distribution rights for everywhere BUT the Philippines because that area is owned by someone else.  This is an example of geo blocking.  Everywhere in the world is allowed to buy your product EXCEPT someone located in the Philippines.

Geo White List Example
Let's say you have a deal where you have distribution rights for North America only (i.e. nowhere but Canada, United States and Mexico).  This is an example of a geo white list.  Everywhere in the world is NOT allowed to buy your product UNLESS someone is located in North America.

At InteliVideo we support both Geo Blocking and Geo White Lists.

New Revenue Opportunity for Video Producers and Videographers

Fri, 2014-08-29 09:38
I absolutely love it when we're able to generate income for people who share their knowledge through our platform.  Take my technical training videos (on Oracle Application Express) for example.  It's so cool that I can produce a set of videos, upload it into our platform and sell the material to people around the world - and I get to maintain my brand (I'm not lost in a marketplace) on my own website.  Anyone can be making money in no time.  We see it happening EVERY day!

At the same time, most videos (at least professional videos) are produced by a videographer.  My good friend Will and I used a videographer to create our Sled Like a Pro series which teaches people how to snowmobile.  Traditionally, videographers charge a fee for creating, producing, editing a video.  They might charge $50/hr or $200/hr (or more).  But once the video is finished, they typically turn their work over to someone who creates a DVD or simply uses it as they wish.  Photographers on the other hand often retain the rights to the photo and how you use it.

As a producer of video, what if you could negotiate a royalty on all revenue generated from the product you produced?  What if you could do this without impacting the price of product?  With InteliVideo we allow you to do this.  If you're a reseller of the InteliVideo platform, you'll receive 10% of the net revenue generated - whether it's platform fees or video/product sales.

Be a reseller for InteliVideo!  Sign up for a free account and let us know you're a videographer and that you have an interest in being a reseller.  We'll get you all set up.  We'll provide you with a URL that you can distribute in your emails, which will make sure you get credit for everyone who signs up.

Here's the best part.  Your customers will be able to provide their customers with exactly what they are looking for!  Our platform allows the end customers to watch videos anytime, anywhere.  They can download their video and watch it on a plane, train or automobile.  We protect your customer's content too, so only the app on the device can access the video.

Sign your customers up today!

DRM Free Downloads - Is That OK?

Fri, 2014-08-22 22:01
I talked to a prospect today that was using a competitive platform to deliver their video products.  We talked extensively about differentiation of InteliVideo over their current platform (from brand to analytics to customers to apps and so on).  But one thing that came up had to do with DRM free downloads.  You might think that's a good thing if you don't understand what it they did.  I said "so you're OK with your customers downloading the MP4 and putting it on YouTube or emailing it to their friends or throwing it on a thumb drive."  He said, "no, our customer's can't do that."  So I showed him the language on their website (DRM free downloads), to which he replied, "right, it's protected."  When I looked puzzled, he said "what is DRM?"  I said DRM stands for Digital Rights Management.  You can think of it as protection.  So that wording is saying "you get this video that has NO protection, use it as you wish."  Of course there's likely wording in the click through contract that says the customer is only supposed to use the content on their own devices.'ve just handed them a risky piece of content. my humble opinion, I was say that "no" - DRM free downloads is not OK.

How the Big Boys Do It!

Fri, 2014-08-22 16:03
We have a number of VERY large (video on demand) customers.  We've broken our customer-base into 3 categories:

1. Infoprenuers - these are companies who do something and have video, but video is not their primary business.  For example, RunBare.  Their primary business is teaching people how to run in your barefeet.  They do have a video on this topic, along with books and other items.  Another example is BDB Software, which is my original side consulting business.  I started it to sell online Oracle Application Express training.  So all the business does is video, yet, I'm the CEO at InteliVideo.  That's my primary business - so BDB is just a side business.  You could say that Infoprenuers are wannabes.

2. Enterprise Content Providers (ECP) - these are companies who's primary business revolves around selling digital goods, education, etc. online.  These are the "big boys" of our industry.  In this blog post I'm going to talk more about how the Infoprenuer can become an ECP.

3. Corporations - these are companies that use video content to educate their own employees.  They typically aren't interested in selling their videos, they are interested in protecting their videos.

So how do the big boys become so big.  Like any business, it's typically over an extended period of time.  Even those who focus on infomercials are not usually overnight successes.  Take P90X or Beachbody.  They've been selling DVDs for MANY years.  Infomercials contribute to their success, but also the fact that they figured out how to do affiliate marketing is another large piece of their success.

So how do they do it?  Creative marketing, marketing, and more marketing - lots of it!  Promotions, A/B split tests, refining the message and analyzing what works and building on it.  Said another way, they are professional marketers!  You might ask - social marketing or pay per click marketing or SEO or.... - the answer is yes.

You want to get big?  Well's time to focus.  On what?  One guess!

Employee or Member Training

Wed, 2014-08-20 19:12
Do you have a group of employees or members that you would like to train?  Would you like to make the training available for a limited time only - such as for 2 weeks?  Would you like to have the ability to take the ability to view the training away at your discretion (such as when an employee leaves the company)?  Would you like to know who watched which videos?  For example, did Jim watch the introductory video on Tuesday as he said he did?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have great news for you!  The InteliVideo platform supports all of these needs and more.  In fact, you can upload any number of videos, you can group them as you wish, you can give people access or deny access at any time (even if they have downloaded videos to their iPad, they will no longer be able to watch them once you deny access.

Below I'm going to run you through an actual use case for a company that's using our platform to train their employees.

Signing Up for an InteliVideo AccountSigning up for InteliVideo is an easy, painless and free process.  First, go to the InteliVideo site and click on "Sign Up:"

You will be asked for your subdomain name (typically something like your company name), first name, last name and email address.  Finally, just fill in the Captcha (anti-spammer protection) information and click on "Create Account."

You will then receive an email that will provide your InteliVideo account information.  Congratulations!  You're getting closer!Customizing the Site with Your Logo, Color Scheme, etc.Once you create your account, you'll be taken to the "Display" page within the InteliVideo administration / backend pages.  This is where you can update your subdomain name, logo, color schemes, page header, choose a template (look and feel) and so much more.  We work with most of our customers to make sure that the look and feel of their main website matches the look and feel of their InteliVideo website.  If you want to point your domain to our website, we can do that for you too.  For example, if you signed up for and you want to change it to, we can even do that for you!Signing Up for a Paid AccountUnder "Account Settings" and then "My Plan" you can sign up for a paid account.  The highest value is in the $249/year account.  It includes more videos, storage, etc. in the plan.  You can always go over the number of hours or minutes provided, we just charge by the minute for those overages.

Uploading Your Video(s)Uploading your videos is easy!  Simply drag and drop your videos into the platform and we do the rest for you!  When you click on the "Videos" tab, you'll see an "Upload Videos" button.  Click on this button, which will present you with a window like this one:

You can drag and drop any video file into the "Drag file here" section or you choose files, import them from Dropbox, download from a URL and there are other options.  If you have 100s of video files, we will work directly with you to get your videos into the platform.  Most of our customers who have more than 100 videos will send us a hard drive with the videos and we'll upload them.

Once the videos are uploaded, we take care of transcoding.  Transcoding is just a fancy way of saying that we convert just about any source video file format (MOV file, AVI file, VOB, etc.) into a number of different resolutions and formats so that your video will play on any device.  Another way of explaining this is that we take care of the hard stuff for you.

You'll see your videos in the list along with a status.  If the video file is corrupt, you would see an error message, but most of the time once your videos are transcoded, you'll see that you can watch the video as you see here below:

You can also edit the details (i.e. the description, if it's a public or private video, etc.) by clicking the edit button:

As you can see, you can edit the short (title) and long description here.  You can also indicate whether a video is public or private here.  Public means anyone can view it for free.  Private means you must be a member (or buyer) to view the video.  The override image allows you to upload an image that should be used as the default background image for the video.  If you don't upload an override image, we extract the first frame of the video and we use that image.

If there is a 1:1 correlation between your video and a product, you can click on "Create Product" in the list of videos page above.  Most of the time a product is made up of more than 1 video, but sometimes this is a good starting point for a product.  You can always add more videos to a product.
Grouping Your Video(s) into a ProductIf you didn't click the "Create Product" button above, you'll need to create a product.  A Product is simply a bundle of videos that you wish to offer to the public, for sale or for members.

Click on the "Products" and then click on "New Product."  You'll see that there are a number of options here:

Again, you can set a short (title) and long description for your product.  You can determine whether the product is available to the public, members only or for sale.  If it's for sale, you can determine if the product is a one time payment, a rental, subscription or installment payment.
Offering Products for SaleIf you want to sell your products, you must connect your InteliVideo account with a Stripe account.  If you don't have an existing Stripe account, you can create one through our platform.  If you already have a Stripe account, you can connect to that account.  Either way, click on "Connect with Stripe" and we'll walk you through step-by-step what if required to connect InteliVideo and Stripe.Granting Access to a Product / VideoAny product that is available for sale or for members only can be granted access (or revoked/denied) manually.  Click on the "Customers" tab, which will show you a list of your existing customers/members.  To add a new customer or member, click on "New Customer:"

Enter the first and last name along with the email of the person and select any products that you would like them to have access to.  IPs allow indicates how many unique locations you want the user to be able to access your video from.  The default is 8.  If you wanted them to be able to access it from one computer only, you could change this to 1.

You can view any customer/member by clicking on their name from the customer page.  You can click on "Edit User" to disable the user.  As you can see here, when you drill into a user, you'll see their usage stats:

When you edit the user, you can disable the user at any time.
Timed or Dripped ContentWithin the details of every product, you can reorder the videos and the order they are displayed in by dragging any video into the correct order:

You can also set up a delayed delivery schedule or "drip schedule" for each video.  In other words, if you want Module 1 to be available for days 0 through 7 (first week), you can set that schedule up.  If you wanted all of the videos to be available for 3 weeks, you could set each video to 0 through 21.

Knowing Who's Watched WhatThe InteliVideo platform tracks all of the usage for every video whether it's watched streaming or downloaded and watched on a plane.  You saw one example of those usage statistics for a specific customer/member above.  There are MANY other ways of slicing and dicing the data to know what your customers/members are watching, what they are having a difficult time with (i.e. they are watching repeatedly), and what they aren't watching.  You can see where (in the world) they were when they were watching, what devices they watched from and so much more.  We are data guys, so believe me when I say "we track everything!"
Employee / Member's Viewing OptionsWe support about every device out there for viewing.  Most video platforms only support streaming videos.  This limits your members to watching when they have an Internet connection.  We have apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android (phones and tablets), Chromecast, Roku, Windows computers, Apple computers and much much more.

The apps manage which content users can access and they keep track of those usage statistics when people are disconnected from the Internet and they upload those stats when the person's phone, tablet, laptop, etc. "phones" home.  This allows your customers or members to download a video, yet they don't have access to the source video file.  Therefore they can't archive it to watch it later.  They can't email it to their friends.  They can't post it on Facebook or YouTube.  It also allows you to control when they can no longer watch the product.  If you deny the user, they won't be able to watch the content any more.  The bottom line is that we protect your content and we don't allow people to access the content when you're done allowing them to have access.
Sign Up Today!If you're ready to sign up for an account at InteliVideo, please do so now!  We would love to have you as a customer!

Funding = People = New Functionality

Wed, 2014-08-20 11:07
Funding Makes a Huge DifferenceOnce we closed on our series A funding in May, we were able to afford some of the top industry talent to take InteliVideo to the next level.  It's been a very exciting couple of months and it promises to be a very exciting next several years from the looks of it.SO Many Great UsesAs we've been working with our customers, we continue to see so many impressive uses of our platform.  The easiest and quickest path to market for our customers is to use our platform from top to bottom.  Of course, most companies with existing scale already have a merchant account, their own shopping cart platform and other components that we integrate to.  Some of our customers have thousands of hours of video or thousands of small video file or most any combination you can imagine.Not Just a Video PlatformWe've moved from solie video to digital asset distribution.  Videos are the basis for most of our customers' products, but some of our customers have mostly audio.  Audio transcoding is much less expensive than video too!  Some of our customers have PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and just about any other file type that they deliver along with their products.Dripping Your ContentSome of our customers offer programs such as an 8 week bootcamp.  When they first offer the 8 week bootcamp, they typically have developed nothing more than their teaser video.  Once customers start buying their product, each week is produced in real time and made available to all of their customers as the content is produced.  Therefore, we added drip content functionality, which allows a customer who signs up 4 weeks into production to go through the 8 week bootcamp on a delayed schedule.  These virtual bootcamps have proven to be extremely effective for our customers.Subscriptions to Installment PaymentsAnother big demand we received (and implemented) revolved around subscriptions.  It turns out that subscriptions are more complex than you might first think.  When I first thought about a subscription, I was thinking it would be a monthly subscription for content.  If you're paying the subscription fee, then you have access to the content and when you're not paying, you're not able to watch the content.  This is the most basic subscription scenario.  However, there are many more complex scenarios that our customers had in mind.  For example, a payment plan, which allows a customer to pay for the content over a 3 month period.  We've baked a number of things into our subscription management.Geolocation SensitiveSome of our customers also required geolocation available purchasing.  In other words, if they had the right to distribute their content in the USA only, they needed to restrict purchases to US-based customers only.  Or if they are restricted from selling their content in specific countries we can manage this for them too.It's 100% Your BrandA number of fitness gurus are powering Internet / digital distribution of their business with InteliVideo. It works because they can use their own teasers and content, they control their own video releases (from timeline to geography to pricing and more), and they see the actual data including contact and usage information for everyone they sell to. And it’s way easier than carrying around boxes of DVDs!Promotion = More SalesEliminating the barriers between you and your customers is a huge benefit for sure.  If you have a mailing list in any form, you’ve got a great start to selling your content online!Testing PricingWe've found that getting creative with how you sell your content really makes a difference. Using split testing to discover the right pricing can be a great way to discover what works best for your customers.  Testing out installment payments versus rentals vs. pre-orders vs. bundling vs. selling individual videos...they are all worth testing out.  Behind the scenes footage, outtakes and other "special" content is important to many customers too.Keep your fans/customers postedOur most successful customers are the ones who really work at promoting their brand. We're all about helping you maintain your brand!  Sending email updates and upsell emails can prove to be very worthwhile.Available everywhereInteliVideo works globally, so your customers can watch anywhere (and on any device) and anytime (even when they don't have an internet connection). It REALLY helps to make your work available everywhere. Our top / best-selling titles across the InteliVideo platform are available worldwide.