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Asif Momen

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Views expressed here are solely that of my own. Please make sure that you test the code/queries that appear on my blog before applying them to the production environment.
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IOUG’s 2014 Exadata Virtual Conference

Sat, 2014-01-25 15:35
IOUG is organizing a two-day virtual Exadata Conference on 29-30 Jan, 2014. More importantly the virtual conference is FREE. Following is the agenda as per the IOUG's website:

29-Jan-2014 (Wednesday)

10-11am CST Minimizing Risks with Database Consolidation on Exadata using I/O Resource Manager (IORM)
Speaker: Sameer Malik, Exadata Technical Architect, Accenture 11am-12pm CST            Introduction to the New Oracle Database In-Memory Option
Speaker: Kevin Jernigan, Senior Director, Oracle 12-1pm CST Understand the Flash storage and Dynamic Tiering Solution for Traditional Database in Comparison of Exadata Flash Solution.
Speaker: Amit Das, Database Engineering Architect, Paypal
30-Jan-2014 (Thursday)

10-11am CST Oracle Exadata Technical Deep Dive Session
Speaker: Yenugula Venkata RaviKumar, Senior Sales Consultant, Oracle India Pvt. Limited 11am-12pm CST         Exadata X4: What’s New
Speaker: Mahesh Subramaniam, Director of Product Management, Oracle 12-1pm CST Exadata for Oracle DBAs
Speaker: Arup Nanda, Director, Starwood Hotels & Resorts
For more information and registration click on the below link:

I have registered myself for the two-day conference and hope to see you all there !!!

Oracle Database Security Assessment

Tue, 2014-01-14 13:01
Data Security has taken a front seat in terms of IT Security lately. Database security is an area of information security that is concerned with the use of security controls to protect databases. Organizations are trying to protect their databases from both internal and external threats. 

In this regard, Oracle has put up an online Database Security Assessment on their website. You may now check how secure your database is by answering few simple questions. 

Below is the link for Oracle's Database Security Assessment:

I am also sharing top ten most common database security vulnerabilities by ZDNet. Below is the link for the same:

Wishing you a secure database !!!