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Anshu Sharma

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The Future is here
Updated: 10 hours 53 min ago

Delivering Enterprise Mobile Applications Webcast

Thu, 2015-02-26 12:36

Please join us for a discussion around opportunities and challenges around delivering enterprise mobile applications. We will have product management and an oracle partner who has been successful in creating a profitable mobile business provide their perspectives

Innovating with Middleware Platform

Wed, 2015-01-28 13:01

I was recently discussing with a partner executive on how Oracle can help the ISV innovate. Decided to pen my thoughts here too -

1) WebLogic Innovation - WebLogic is our market leading App Server. The area which I would like to highlight is Exalogic. Seeing more and more cases where Telco, Financial Services, Govt solution providers are seeing business benefits of running their business critical application on Exalogic. With the upcoming launch of Exalogic Cloud Software 12c and already available X5-2 hardware, WebLogic performance on Exalogic will continue to get better. But more importantly partners would be able to get a simplified experience, similar to Oracle Public Cloud, on Exalogic as explained in this blog post.

2) Middleware Platform for Industry solutions - Oracle SOA Suite solves core integration challenges for Healthcare entities, Retailers/Manufacturers, Airlines etc. Oracle BPM allows you to design complex processes for Financial Services, Telcos, Public Sector etc. Oracle Event Processing allows you to analyze and act on data from a variety of devices (IoT) in Fast Data Solutions being deployed in Telcos (Mobile Data offloading, QoS Management), Transportation (Vehicle Monitoring), Retail (Real Time Coupons), Utilities (Smart Grids) etc. Partners providing process management and integration solutions for vertical industries can roll out innovations while keeping the lights running by deploying on Oracle Middleware Platform (SOA, BPM, OEP, WLS, Exalogic, Enterprise Manager).

3) Mobile Platform - Adoption of mobility in enterprises offers tremendous opportunities to ISVs. We asked one partner, RapidValue, to share their experience. In this writeup, RapidValue explains how they were able to use power of Oracle Mobile Platform to quickly bring to market a suite of Mobile Applications for Field Service, HRMS, Approvals, Order Management, Inventory Management, and Expense Management.

4) Public Cloud – In recent years the world of application development has adopted new methodologies, like Agile, that improve the quality and speed in which applications are delivered. Tools such as automatic build utilities combined with continuous integration platforms simplify the adoption of these new methodologies. These tools are available in Oracle Developer Cloud Service for every licensee of Java Cloud Service.