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Free Version Control Tool for PL/SQL is now available for download

Mon, 2015-01-26 01:57
We are pleased to announce that Gitora, the free version control tool for PL/SQL, is available for download.
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The Case for migrating your Oracle Forms applications to Formspider

Wed, 2014-11-19 08:37
We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries asking whether we have a tool that will automatically convert Oracle Forms applications to Formspider.We don’t have an automatic converter. We don’t view this as a disadvantage at all. We are solving the modernization problem with a different approach:Formspider does not automatically converts your Forms applications to web apps but it converts your Forms developers to first rate web developers.We think this approach produces the best results and lowest cost in conversion projects. We’ve seen this many times.Formspider is an application development framework just like Oracle Forms and just like Forms its programming language is 100% PL/SQL. (You can think of it as Oracle Forms built for 21st century.) Because Formspider works very similar to Oracle Forms (event driven architecture, Formspider built-ins instead of Forms built-ins etc…) it is an order of magnitude easier to learn for Oracle Forms developers compared to any other tool.A conversion project using Formspider is not a complete rewrite where you start with a blank page. This is absolutely not true. Just to give few examples; All of your existing business logic implemented in PL/SQL can be reused in your new application. And because both Forms and Formspider are event driven and use similar API’s, code that manages the UI can be translated fairly easily. In other words, there is no impedance mismatch between the two products unlike between Forms and (say) ADF, .NET or any other popular web development framework.There are several problems with automatically converting Oracle Forms applications to another tech stack:1) The new target tech stack is not known by your team
I cannot overstate how important this is. You end up with an application that you cannot maintain. Your team, who knows the business, who knows what your customers want, who obviously can deliver a successful application to the users, needs training in the new tech stack. This means they go back to becoming junior developers for quite some time. (Even the most zealous ADF proponents admit to a year or longer learning curve.) This feeling of helplessness is very frustrating for experienced developers who know exactly what they wants to implement. It hurts the team moral and motivation during the project. It’s also very costly because, well, training costs money and the output of the developers lower significantly for months but their salaries do not.2) The output of an automatic converter is usually of low quality
Almost always the target tech stack uses the web page paradigm instead of the event driven architecture of Forms. This impedance mismatch is very very difficult to overcome automatically and the customer ends up with a low quality application design that no engineer would architect by himself. This makes the application very difficult and expensive to maintain.Moreover, if the target tech stack uses an object oriented programming language, this adds another magnitude of complexity because PL/SQL is not object oriented. This is why most automatic conversion projects start with the manual process of moving as much code to the database as possible.3) Automated converters are expensive
Best to my knowledge these converter tools are not cheap at all. These tools come with bundled services (they never get the job done 100% automatically) so you also pay for consulting services on top of the conversion fees.Formspider customers around the World have been upgrading their Forms applications with Formspider successfully for years. The same team who built and maintained the Forms applications builds the application in Formspider. They get excited and motivated because finally they have a tool that they can use to build what they want. They feel empowered instead of helpless. The cost savings we provide might be up to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the size of your application. I have seen this over and over again many times:Put Formspider in the hands your Forms developers and they will modernize your Forms applications with the highest return on investment.Yalim K. Gerger
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Free Version Control Tool for Oracle Database

Sat, 2014-11-15 02:54
Gitora is a free version control tool for PL/SQL. Gitora hooks Git to the Oracle database and helps you manage your PL/SQL code easily.

It helps you perform common version control tasks such as reverting to previous commit point, branching, merging and cloning. Gitora updates the PL/SQL objects in the database automatically when version control tasks are performed eliminating the need to save files to an OS folder manually. It also implements a check-in check out system in the database.

Gitora is development tool agnostic. It works with any development tool such as SQL Developer, TOAD, SQL Navigator and PL/SQL Developer.

There is no need to know Git to use Gitora because it comes with a point and click GUI.

Watch these short videos below to see Gitora in action.

Sign up at to get notified when the product launches.

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Thank you.
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Webinar: Building Secure Apps with PL/SQL and Formspider

Wed, 2014-11-05 00:58
We are hosting a free Formspider webinar on November 25th. Join in and find out how Formspider helps PL/SQL developers build secure web applications.

In the webinar, the following topics will be covered:

- Formspider Security Architecture
- Built-in countermeasures in Formspider for OWASP Top 10 Security Vulnerabilities
- Introduction to Formspider Authentication and Authorization Repository

Sign up now.
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Git for PL/SQL

Tue, 2014-11-04 07:42
Gitora, the free version control system for PL/SQL is launching early December '14. Gitora hooks Git to the Oracle database and helps you manage your PL/SQL code easily. Sign up at to get notified when the product launches.

Please share this news in your social networks and help us spread the word.

Thank you.
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Three Level Master Detail with Formspider and PL/SQL

Tue, 2014-11-04 00:28
TANI, a subsidiary of the Koç Holding, provides value-added integrated marketing solutions for offline, digital and mobile platforms. TANI chose Formspider, the application development tool for PL/SQL developers, to implement the application that manages its core business.

Business Need

TANI wanted to improve the efficiency of their business unit and help them make better decisions. As part of this goal TANI decided to upgrade the current campaign management application which is used to manage the online banner ad  campaigns of their customers.

Specifically TANI’s goals in this upgrade were:

  • Increase the data entry/modification speed in the application
  • Improve the reporting capabilities in the application
  • Improve the application’s UI with a fresh and modern look.

The Challenge

The core campaign information in the database spans three tables which are tied to each other in a master-detail-detail relationship. For any campaign, the data in the master row, the detail rows and the detail-detail rows must be validated, committed or rolled backed in the same logical transaction.

The current application did not support batch validation and commit of the entire campaign and therefore was prone to human errors.

The Solution

Since Formspider has an integrated model layer that supports transactions, building a master-detail-detail screen which enforces data validation over three tables was a breeze. The Formspider application easily validates and commits updates to a campaign in the same logical transaction preventing data entry errors.

The Campaign Edit Screen
The master-detail-detail screen also greatly improved the data entry speed of the application because the user could edit the entire campaign information in one screen.

Reporting capabilities of the application also increased significantly thanks to the Formspider grid and its built-in features such as ordering, hiding and filtering of columns.

The Campaign Search Screen with Enhanced Reporting Capabilities
The new application featured new a brand new look&feel in harmony with TANI’s corporate colors. As with every Formspider application, the new campaign management application is a single page application functioning 100% with AJAX giving it the modern effect TANI desired.
New Fresh Look that matches TANI's Corporate Guidelines

Formspider enabled us to deliver TANI a high quality application that features a master-detail-detail data entry screen with validations spanning multiple tables with a fraction of the cost it would take using other technologies.
The application enabled TANI business units to work more efficiently and helped them make better decisions while serving their customers.  
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